A Letter on Father's Day

What should you write in your Father’s Day letter? Here’s a Father’s Day letter from a daughter, written by our Taylorian, to inspire you to write yours too!

“Dad, can I go out with my friends please?”


“I just told you ‘with my friends’.”

“Where? When? What time you’re gonna come home?”

I’m sure before all of us grew up, there’s always that one person at home who’s gonna be protective of you and ask you where you're going. 

And I’m sure up till this point, you know who I’m talking about. Yeap! You’re right! It’s our FATHERS! 

Mother's Day might be an easily remembered day as it always falls on the 2nd Sunday of May and many may celebrate it, but there’s another, equally important day, that falls on we don’t talk about — the celebration and appreciation of our fathers during Father’s Day. So, this Father’s Day in 2022, which is on 18 June, let’s take a moment to appreciate all the things that he’s done for us whether we know it or actions that are done silently to make sure we’re fine and happy.  

Fun Fact: Did you know that Father’s Day falls on the 3rd Sunday of June every year? :D 

So, here’s a letter of gratitude for being a father to all! 

Picture of Sonia and her dad

Dear Dad,

You were once that boy who’d epic fantasies and great ambitions while anticipating all the wonderful adventures in the journey of life. However, in the youthful naïveté chapter of your life, I’d never be present and witness those moments where your shoulders weren’t heavy yet. 

The times where you’d run around the field while chasing the birds or crying after falling off the bicycle, I could only imagine it while looking at the young kids that I may come across. Looking at them, it made me reminisce about the times where you’d spend time with me even with just simple activities like taking the dog out for a walk together or just watching some random movies on a Sunday evening. 

Life is a magical present that all of us are gifted with because you’d never know what the next chapter of your life may hold. In a blink of an eye, you’ve become a father. During those moments of becoming a father, it was probably filled with happiness that brought a sense of responsibility. 

There may be thousands of ‘becoming-a father’ guide books being published, but truth is, there’s no right or wrong to becoming a father. Although you may not be as naggy as Mummy has been or weren’t able to constantly send and pick me up from school, I've always been able to feel your presence in those moments, aware that you’d have your own way to make sure that I’m where I'm supposed to be.  

You may not have helped with my homeworks, but sending me to tuitions was a way for you to be assured that I’m getting all the help I needed to learn. You’d try your best to make sure that brother and I were always well taken care of despite how busy you are. But above all, I'll always appreciate the constant reminder that you‘ve given to both of us to say our thank yous and pleases ever since we’re kids. It’s now become a good habit of mine which just seems natural during conversations. 

Looking back at the times when I’d fall asleep on the couch and waking up the next morning in my own bed, I’d know you're the one who carried me back to my room and tucked me to bed while I was in dreamland. Eventually as I grew up, you got older and soon it’ll be my turn to carry you. 

The warm hugs that you’d always give whenever you send me off at the airport, not knowing how long till we see each other again and your constant reminders to call whenever I've boarded or landed, I used to think it's such a hassle but I’ve come to know why. It's because you’d never know what the future holds and anything could just happen. Being a dad, it was just a natural instinct to care for me. 

Words are never enough to express my love and gratitude towards you because I’m blessed to have you as my dad. You’ve held this little kid's hand tightly since the first day and eventually one day you know you’ve to let that hand go. I’ve grown up well with the love and nurture that you’ve given to me in your own way. 

And no matter where I go in life, know that you’re always loved!

If you’ve forgotten to wish your Dad, I hope this article reminded you to do so. Go ahead and wish your Dad and all the fatherly figures a Happy Father’s Day, don’t wait on it anymore. 

And just in case you’re late on your wishes, don’t worry because you should be appreciating and thanking them every day. Free up that busy schedule and have a meaningful conversation with them over a meal or coffee!

Sonia Rachel is currently pursuing Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) in International Relations at Taylor's University. She is also a committee member of Taylor’s University Student Council.

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