7 Subjects You'll Find In Class

Whether you’re in high school or university, one thing remains the same.


No… We’re not talking about the subjects taught in class (though you’ll obviously get them in both places.)

Here are 7 usual subjects you’ll catch a glimpse of in class!



Aka, ‘The Popular Kid’ or ‘The Social Butterfly’.

Everyone wants to be them or, at least, be close to them. They’re the group of students that create relationships with anyone and everyone in the school.

Never lacking in energy when it comes to socialising, this social butterfly would always get stopped in their tracks to greet and catch-up with their mates.

Their social skills make them worthy to be crowned with the title ‘Networking Queen/King’. 


You hardly notice them but they’re definitely there!

The quiet one cherishes the time they get to be by themselves, or with a small group of friends, and having their personal space.

Unlike 'The Networkers', this group of people don’t depend on being in a group to have fun (and some may even seem awkward in larger crowds.) But that doesn’t mean they are anti-social and don’t have friends!

In fact, they’re usually good listeners, making them excellent in creating good relationships with close friends. 


It doesn't take much for these ones to score well!

In comparison with 'The Overachievers', this bunch are  usually the ones in class that go missing, are daydreaming, or talking to someone else when class is ongoing.

While everyone else is busy studying for their midterm exam or monthly test, they’re taking a quick snooze before the next class. You're absolutely certain that they wouldn’t score well during their test, especially when you're burning the midnight oil just to ace it, but time and time again, they prove you wrong.

If only we had that brain of theirs.


In contrast to the smart slacker, the overachievers do everything and anything to be the top student.

From being the president of all the clubs to scoring straight A’s for all their exams, you can’t help but wonder where they get all the energy from.

The amount of effort and work they put in to be the best student they can possibly be while juggling their social life is definitely something everyone admires and wishes they could take on.

For obvious reasons, the overachiever are sometimes also the teacher’s pet


They’re either causing disruption or cracking up jokes though they shouldn't be confused with 'The Joker'. 

Either being absent or moving around the class as they wish, you’ll always hear the teacher calling out their names to pay attention or return to their seat. But all would be in vain when they get sent to the principal’s office.

Often misunderstood and being judged, remember to always be kind to these bunch of people by lending a listening ear and giving a chance for them to be better.


If you hear a sudden outburst of laughter, the joker would probably be somewhere in sight.

Sometimes associated with the ‘Geng Belakang Class’ (the students in the back row), they bring life to the party and lighten the mood of any situation with their jokes and witty statements. They're also a friendly bunch of people ever-willing to make friends, much like 'The Networker'. 

If you’re feeling down, just being in their presence would instantly give you a mood boost because they’re always happy and making sure that joy is spread.


Sometimes the prefect of the class, these bunch are always ready to put their friends on the right track whenever they spot something wrong!

They’re the ones who have the school’s rulebook on hand ensuring that everything going around is in tip-top condition especially when there isn’t a teacher present in class. 

When you’re with them, you wouldn’t have to worry about being reprimanded or late because they’re always on-point. This is one group you'd definitely want in your lives to keep you in check.

With that, we've come to the end of our 7 common subjects you'd find in your class! Feel like you’ve resonated with some of the descriptions of these subjects? Or maybe someone came to mind while reading them?

Regardless of the categories that arise from the different stereotypes, always remember that you matter and count as a person in this intricate machine we know as ‘The Class’. 

Friendly Reminder: While categories are important for us to cope in our fast-paced world, we must also remember to not be too rigid and allow stereotypes to define people. Give people the chance to be themselves without any judgement and accept others for who they are! Remember, always be kind.