7 Spook-tacular Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Home

It's that season of fright again. If you're terrified to be out, here's how you can have a spooky Halloween at home! 

Updated: 20 October 2021

I know that we Malaysians don’t usually celebrate Halloween (even if we do pretty much celebrate everything else), but if you’re here it means you’re looking for something fun to do on that ominous day! You’re in luck, buckle up, your 7 Halloween-at-home activities list is up!

1. Stock up on snacks and sweets


But of course! As long as there’s a festival, it’s our custom to have something guests and family members can nibble on in the house. Although no one will be having guests over anytime soon, you can still trick-or-treat yourself to a few bars of Mars and binge on Haribo worm gummies. Even better, you can do it for the ‘gram and create some Halloween content by using sweets as part of your eccentric creations! The Internet still has space to welcome another candy house project and a snack-a-lakin dress up.

2. Look in the camera, it’s a call


Consider yourself an extrovert locked up in sad confinement on Halloween? I feel you, which is why I propose a video call with your friends on this day of creepy stories. You can use an online platform for your spooky skills to grasp and clench the hearts of others! 

You can still have costume dress ups and weird makeup on, and the best part is that you’re at home. All the more reason for you to experiment with wacky outfits and show them off to your friends (without getting weird looks from the public). Not into dressing up? That’s okay! Just treat Halloween as another April Fool’s and go in for that jumpscare. Oh, and do record their reactions down for the sake of endearing memories.

3. Online Halloween party


Awkward video calls are no more on Halloween! Get some friends and fam together to play some online games and challenge them to the brink of thrill and fright. Gather around for virtual escape room challenges (my Android recommendation: Park Escape) or horror games for extra chills down your spine! I recommend Little Nightmares for a balance of puzzles and thrills. Hmm, perhaps you’ve had too much of the computer? Heh, then why not take your ordinary games up another level by chilling with some quizzes and self-made games? There won’t be anyone around to judge if you and your friends decide to do an evilest cackle challenge.

4. Teleparty 


Watching scary movies on an ominous night. Y’all already know how to do this, must I explain? HOWEVER, Netflix is able to host parties where you watch movies together with your friends online. It’s called Teleparty (previously known as Netflix Party)! Pick scary movies to watch along with friends and read their reactions in the group chat or just keep that video call going and watch the movies on another device. Here’s a playlist of Halloween-worthy movies to keep that eerie atmosphere going! To add more fun, you can set up a challenge and punish whomever who accidentally gives away a big reaction. It’s not a Halloween party if there aren’t any thrills!

5. Face mask customisation


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It’s been quite the trendy topic this year, especially in Asia. You should’ve seen that ramen face mask. Welp, if you’re gonna be wearing something every day, you might as well make it interesting! Get those 3D objects and start trying out tons of fun patterns. Grab that pencil, make marks, and let the Halloween inspiration flow in and out of your soul. You can add more fun to this activity by having a show-and-tell with your friends and fam after each of you have completed your face masks! Indisposable masks can be bought nearly everywhere so let’s give Mother Nature a pleasant Halloween too by being eco-friendly. Plus, you get to look fabulous in public — I say it’s a win-win situation!

6. Halloween recipes Malaysian style


Have you ever seen those DIY videos where they prepare cool Halloween-themed snacks with Kool-Aid and Rice Crispies and thought to yourself, "I'm gonna make this!", only to be disappointed that all you have in your food rack are Milo, Ribena, and other incredibly-Malaysian ingredients. It sure is tough looking for tutorials using Milo to make creepy food, but lots of inspirations can still be adopted from original Milo recipes! 

Of course, this applies to other ingredients you have lying around your house as well. For example, you can make spiders aka milo truffles using bits and pieces of Oreo or Pocky as decoration. Need a substitute for fake blood? Ribena is there to serve under your will. Wanna make some dusty-looking mummies as your decorations? Nestum just might help you out!

7. It’s Spooky Here in Malaysia Too…


Huuuuu~~ Lazy to organise events, aren’t you? I don’t judge as it sure can be a hassle unimaginable. It’s not just the organising, but even the cleanup to handle after all! Perhaps it’s the spooky ghosts lurking around the corners of Kuala Lumpur that made others do the job for you. Well won’t you look at that, there are events throughout the month after all! If you play games, you might have noticed the lurking Halloween events with rewards ready to be won. You can even visit this website to browse through the available events being held within Malaysia! They’re either held virtually or located somewhere in Kuala Lumpur, and that makes the events even more accessible compared to the overseas events we usually only spectate. I still wouldn’t recommend going out though, as we ARE still in a pandemic. Just remember, if you find yourself in a coffin you don’t know who put you in, shout that you can’t get out!

That's all for now! Here's to a Spooky Halloween to you and the one beside you... 

Eunice Liow is currently pursuing a Foundation in Business at Taylor's University. She is also a member of the Event Management team for Taylor's College Student Council.

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