6 Unbelievable Ways To Determine Your Career Choice

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You’ve successfully completed your secondary education with your SPM results in hand after a hard-fought battle of cramming for your SPM.

You’re browsing through a stack of attractive college brochures. You’re already nearing the bottom of your stack, but you’re still struggling to decide which course of study you would like to pursue.

Did you know that the HSBC Global Report shows that 80% of students are undecided about their education and career choice? Don’t let the numbers scare you just yet.

Choosing the right course of study can start you off in the right direction and land you the career of your choice.

Your personality is the best guide to choosing the right course of study. Take a look at these different personality traits and find out which onedescribes you best:


  1. Realistic
    You enjoy practical, hands-on, problem-solving work activities. You love working outdoors instead of doing paperwork and working alongside others. You could be a police patrol officer, surgeon, a restaurant cook, veterinarian or an electrician.

  3. Investigative
    You enjoy working on ideas that require an extensive amount of thinking and searching for facts, and figuring out problems seems to be a hobby of yours. You could be a fire investigator, software developer, dermatologist, critical care nurse or a dental laboratory technician.

  5. Artistic
    Nothing makes you happier than forms, designs and patterns. You’re a self-expressive person and it shows in your work. You don’t need to follow a clear set of rules to get the work done. You could be a fashion designer, model, actor, graphic designer, interior designer, photographer and film and video editor.

  7. Social
    You enjoy working with, communicating and teaching people. You find satisfaction when you’re able to help or provide service to others. You could be a registered nurse, childcare worker, health advisor or a physical therapist.

  9. Enterprising
    You enjoy starting up projects. You have a clear leadership and decision-making skill and you’re a risk taker. You could be a sales agent, lawyer or a telemarketer.

  11. Conventional
    You make it a habit to follow a set of procedures and routines. You believe there is a clear line of authority to follow. You could be an accountant, librarian, or a graduate teaching assistant.


Now that you’ve found the right match, deciding on your course of study should be easy!

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