6 Tips On Managing Time In College Life

Now that you’ve settled down in your new college life, you might not be entirely sure how to handle your newfound freedom and schedule. After all, you have a lot of course work ahead but now have a degree of free time that you didn’t have while you were still in school.

So here are 6 tips to help you adjust and manage your time while you’re in college.



College life tends to be jam packed with things to do; but some things are always more important than others. That assignment that’s due on Monday is definitely going to need to be addressed more urgently than the presentation you need done by Friday.


Plan ahead

Most of the time, your college life will revolve around assignment deadlines or upcoming exams. It’s always good to take the dates into account so you can prepare for what’s coming up.

Keep a calendar on your phone (or a physical one, if you’d like!) with all your important dates.  A simple to-do list helps too!


Keep a schedule

Granted you’re now more or less free to go about your day as you need, it’s still better to have some kind of daily schedule that you stick to.

It can be as simple as picking particular days of the week to study on particular subjects or you can dedicate a few hours of each day for certain things. Make sure you put in plenty of breaks if you’ve got a lot of study sessions lined up, don’t want to burn out now!


Budget your time

After a couple of weeks you’ll start to figure out how much time you tend to need as you go about your college activities. With this you can roughly budget how much time you need to work through college and social commitments, and ultimately how much breathing space you have before you tack on more things to do.


Be flexible

Sometimes you just have to trade off that lunch break with your classmates for cramming in a bit more for your assignment during crunch time. You won’t always have the luxury to decide what needs to be done when, so be prepared to shuffle somethings around from time to time.

Don’t forget to give yourself some time off after!


Take time to relax

College may not be all fun and games but you need to take time to rest as well.

If you’re always tired and stressed you won’t do as well in class, and you certainly can’t keep getting sick. Take care of your health, it’s just as important!

These are just a few things to consider when sorting out your newfound college life. If you have anything you’d like to ask us, drop us a line here.