5 Things To Ask Your College Counsellor

Say you’ve already figured out which college you’d like to visit but would still like to know more? Then it’s time to head over to a college counsellor to help you go over the finer details.

Here are five things you should ask your college counsellor.


What are the entry requirements and/or entrance exams?

Different colleges and programmes may have different entry requirements, with emphasis on scores on subjects pertaining to said programme. As such, make sure you get the counsellor to run you through the basic requirements to enrol and possibly prep you for any potential entrance exams. 


When would be the best time to start?

All colleges have different intake schedules, and irrespective if you’re up for getting your A-Levels or an advanced degree, there will only be select times a college will be taking up new students. 

Your counsellor will be able to recommend you an intake depending on the programme you are interested in, and when you plan to finish. This is all the more important if you plan to continue abroad, as different universities may have slightly different intake dates. You wouldn’t want to miss the boat. 


What programme should I take?

A vast majority of college programmes will feature core subjects and a handful of optional non-core subjects to choose from. Be it a Pre-U or foundation programme you would do well in choosing the subjects that best fit your future degree of choice, so if you’re not sure what exactly to go for (or simply want some options) your counsellor is there to help.


What kind of scholarships are available?

Oftentimes there are in fact scholarships available to students who meet college set requirements. These can range from partial financial support, fee waivers or even full scholarships. Established colleges often have multiple scholarships which are available at any one time, so it should be one of the top things to ask about before you enrol. 


Things to plan for once you DO enrol

Getting into college is just half the battle. If you happen to be from out of town, it would be wise to ask for any recommendations in places to stay, how to get around, activities you can be involved in at your new college (clubs, facilities and so on) and programs you can participate in to make your experience all the richer. It doesn’t have to be all about studying and grades alone, this is college life after all! 

These just cover some of the basic questions you should be asking before you enrol in the college you feel is best suited for you. So if you have anything more you’d like to ask, do drop us a line here.