5 Simple Ways to Show Someone You Care

If there’s one key takeaway we can learn since we’ve been engulfed by the coronavirus pandemic, it is that we should never take anyone we cherish for granted. Life is too short to be ashamed of extending gratitude to the ones we love. 

How often do you thank your parents who showered you with unconditional love (despite being rude to them)? Or your school teachers who taught you tirelessly (though you didn’t bother doing homework)? And when was the last time you told your friends that you appreciate their company (even if it’s through video calls)?   

With that in mind, it’s time for us to take a moment to reflect our actions and how we express gratitude to those who are dear to us. Below are some tips on how you can make them feel appreciated:

1. Just say it


Whether it’s a simple “thank you’’ or the 3 magic words, “I love you”, you’ll put a smile on your loved ones’ faces by expressing how much they mean to you. Of course, besides saying the three-letter word, there are other expressions to show your appreciation such as:

  • “I appreciate everything that you’ve done.” 

  • “You’re the best!” 

  • “You’ve no idea how much this means to me!” 

  • “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

  • “I’m so glad you’re back!” 

  • “How was school today?”  

2. Give them a surprise


Good or bad, life is riddled with surprises. So why not be the surprise that is actually positive for someone else? You don’t need elaborate props or fancy dinners. All that’s needed is a little extra thought and some creativity to win their hearts! 

  • Send them something nice (it doesn’t have to be expensive)

  • Send them a quick text to check on them once in a while

  • Give them a call/video call 

  • Buy them something that they need regularly

  • Give them something handmade by you (they’ll love it cause it’s from you!)


3. Be there for them


Another way to assure someone they mean a lot to you is by lending a helping hand. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed. However, this doesn’t always require heroic actions like saving someone from a fire or fixing a punctured tire. Most of the time, it’s the little things you do that add up to the bigger picture.  

Things you can help out with:

  • Teach your friends or siblings subjects they’re weak at
  • Offer to drive your family around for errands (keep them company if you can’t drive)
  • Offer to help in the kitchen when your mum cooks (keeping her company is good too)
  • Offer to pick something up along the way (e.g. cups to the sink, paper wastes to the bin, etc) 
  • Lend them a shoulder to cry on 
  • Prioritise and make time for those who need your support (physically and mentally)


4. Be considerate


Nobody likes hanging out with people who are intolerable — not even the most intolerable person. So why would you annoy the person you care for on purpose? Besides extending your help to others, here are some things you should be considerate about:

  • Clean up after yourself (leaving your mess for others is disrespectful)

  • Help to set up the dining table before meals

  • Wash the dishes when someone has cooked for you

  • Empty the bin if you see it’s filled to the brim 

  • Use your headphone when listening to music

  • Always ask for permission before using someone else’s possession

5. Shower them with compliments


Want to brighten up someone’s day? Give them a compliment and watch their faces light up in a jiffy! And it doesn’t only make the recipient feel great about themselves, it makes YOU feel good for spreading good vibes! Not only that, offering genuine praise, also shows that you’ve been paying attention to the person.

Compliments you can use:

  • “Good job!” 

  • “You look fantastic!” 

  • “That shirt looks great on you!” 

  • “The cake you baked is delicious!” 

  • “You have the talent for this!” 

  • “You explained the topic very well!” 

  • “I’m so proud of you!”


PS: Be sincere and never give mindless compliments (else it might backfire)!

In the modern age of technology, we’re lucky to be spoiled with an abundance of ways to connect and express gratitude. Whether it’s physically, through the use of social networks, or deliveries, it’s never cheesy nor too late to be appreciative of someone else. Just remember to do it soon!

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