5 Reasons to Start Playing Video Games

When it comes to playing video games, there are many perspectives to it. Well, The Risers' ambassador, Nazeem is here to share the pros of playing video games! 

Video gaming has played a big part of my childhood and it still is. I spend a lot of my time playing video games such as Apex Legends and Ghost of Tsushima. But since I was little, I’ve heard negative stereotypes about it like it rots your brain or that video gamers have no future, which we know today to be untrue. In fact, as everyone relies on tech and the virtual world now, gaming has skyrocketed during the pandemic and has shown that video gamers are coping better at staying at home! Anyway, here are some benefits of playing video games — the last one may shock you!

#1. Enhances your social skills


Unlike the outdated beliefs, playing video games can improve your social skills. With virtual platforms like Discord, video gamers can connect to players globally as they game together. According to a study from Nottingham Trent University, it was found that ¼ of 11,000 players of an online role-playing game said their favourite part of the game was connecting with other players!

#2. Improves your vision


The next time someone tells you that playing video games will ruin your eyesight, tell them this. A study by Doctor Renjie Lie of the University of Rochester, New York, determined that people who play video games have better contrast sensitivity function, which means the ability to see things that don’t stand out from their background. To be more specific, the video gamers that had better eyesight were action-game players who played more than 5 hours of gaming per week. This means that if you want to have better eyesight, you should play Call of Duty more.

#3. Increases your brain’s ability to focus


Ever heard someone saying, “Playing video games will distract you from your studies.”? Well, that’s not the case anymore. Researchers from the University of Arkansas concluded that with just one hour of video gaming, it can increase our ability to focus. The study focused on 29 male students consisting of both expert and non-expert players of the popular action role-playing game, League of Legends. The research showed that both expert and non-expert players’ visual selective attention, which is the brain’s ability to focus on relevant visual information, have improved after merely 1 hour of playing a video game.

#4. Boosts your memory


Here’s to debunking the stereotype that playing video games will rot your brain. The study from the University Oberta de Catalunya in Barcelona found that people who were actively playing video games as a child are actually better at working memory tasks that require mentally holding and manipulating info to obtain a result — this is even if they’re no longer an active player.  

That’s not all, playing video games could also improve learning and may even protect you against dementia (the loss of cognitive function such as your thinking, memory, problem-solving) in the future.

#5.  Makes you a better surgeon


Would you believe if I said, video gaming is directly proportional to your skill as a surgeon? The more you play, the better you’ll be at surgery. 

Say what?! 

Well, yes, it surprises me too. Researchers from the Beth Israel Medical Centre found that surgeons who play video games make less mistakes in laparoscopic surgery by a whopping 37 percent! They also are 27 percent faster than their counterparts who don’t play video games. Another researcher, Kurt Squire from University of California who wasn’t involved in the study, also said that by playing video games, doctors could “develop timing and sense of touch as well as a very intuitive feel for manipulating devices" which can be incorporated during surgeries. He also said that applying games to surgery training "could play a key role in preparing medical health professionals."

So, I don’t know about you but I definitely do want my doctors to play video games! 

And there you go, 5 ultimate reasons to get started on playing video games if you haven't already. 

Nazeem is one of The Risers’ ambassadors and is currently pursuing a Diploma in Business at Taylor’s College. He’s also an avid video gamer and hopes to work for a renowned gaming tech company one day.

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