5 Fields Of Graduate Study Ideal For Teachers in Malaysia

If you’re going to teach someone, you must first have the knowledge and skills to go with it. Teaching is one of the oldest professions in the world. Teachers pass on valuable knowledge and are ultimate role models for many generations.

Like every professional, a teacher should upgrade and evolve his/her knowledge and experience with time. One way to do this is to pursue higher education – Masters degree or PhD. It won’t hurt to take 2-3 years off full time teaching to pursue your higher education. Some academic institutions allow us to combine a Masters degree with a PhD by adding more credits and courses within one programme.

But what are some fields that a teacher could pursue? Today we look at 5 fields of study teachers can choose locally – along with their benefits.

Computer Science & Information (IT)

Now more than ever, Information Technology has become an integral part of our everyday life. With lessons going online and the era of Work-From-Home, we need to understand technology more as the days pass.

Learning the essence of the internet, websites, coding, and other key components of our cyber world would give teachers an upper hand in relating to students better.

Teachers can also give preliminary classes on coding, website building and so on, giving students a head-start in IT. Practical implications of Computer Science in schools are limitless, and teachers are the best medium to integrate it.

Some local institutions that offer Computer Science courses:

At Taylor’s University, the Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) programme even includes Work-Based Learning (WBL) during the third year to provide hands-on experience with industry partners. It also provides 4 dual award specialisation module options for students to choose from: Data Science, Cyber Security, Mobile Computing and Artificial Intelligence. 

Aside from Computer Science, the School of Computer Science and Engineering also offers other programmes such as Software Engineering, Information Technology, Robotic Design and Development, and other IT and science-related courses. Find out more here.

For individuals looking at furthering their post-graduate education in this field, they may also look into research programmes such as the Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science. This programme facilitates graduate students to acquire a strong grounding on algorithmic foundations of computing, endeavour scientific research in a variety of fields in Computer Science or IT, preparing them in applying computational thinking to a diversity of applications in Computer Science and beyond that may cut-across disciplines. Find out more here.

Special Needs Education

Every country has Special Needs children. In many countries such as ours, Special Needs kids may be neglected in school and left to fend for themselves. Although a challenging department in the working world, teaching special needs kids must be done right.

Pursuing a Masters Degree in Special-Needs Education opens up a world of possibilities to better understand gifted children and special individuals.

To study this course or something in a similar field, one must have the heart for Special Needs children. As many teachers may not be trained to handle Special Needs children, someone with the relevant qualifications in further studies could train and equip them.

Local universities that offer Masters Degrees in Special Needs Education:

Linguistic Studies

Language is our medium to the world. We use language to think. It is the framework of every communication process. Mastering language takes a lifetime, and teachers could pursue a Masters or PhD in linguistics. A course that covers the study of linguistics would be in the Master of Arts.

Further study on linguistics gives us insights into how cultural background, upbringing, history, and the world, in general, have an effect on what we say and think.

Understanding how language works can allow teachers to communicate better with students. You can choose to study a general Master of Linguistics – covering all languages (phonetics, syntax etc,) or focus on a specific language.

Some local universities that offer Linguistic Studies:

Behavioural Psychology

A Psychologist is a valuable asset to any school. Teachers trained in a background of psychology better understand students and the environment they thrive in. Behavioural Psychology taps into the resource of how human behaviour is affected by stimuli and the subsequent responses (this picture is an oversimplification of Behavioural Psychology).

Counselling could also be a minor or done as a double major in certain universities. Although not many colleges and universities offer Behavioural Psych, Help University does. Another option it to explore a degree in Psychology to get the basic knowledge before you move on to a more specific field of psychology. Taylor’s University offers a Psychology degree programme that is co-taught by industry experts and prepares students with the essential knowledge and skills in psychology.

Gender Studies

In a world with polarising views on gender stereotypes, we must strive to be unbiased and informed as much as possible. Gender Studies is a good grad and postgrad course to obtain. Gender Studies deep dives into the differences of genders balancing biology, sociology, psychology with modern-day paradigm shifts and social outlooks. It presents a wider view of how people can accept each other’s differences.

Teachers from co-ed schools should be encouraged to pursue further education in Gender Studies as they relate to different genders on a daily basis. This field of study aims to remove the bias we naturally have towards the other gender.

Some universities offering Gender Studies locally:

There are no shortcuts to upgrading our limited knowledge. However, we must strive to better ourselves through education. Who knows, you may just become a role model for your students by pursuing an education of your own.

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