5 Easy Tips to Make a Good First Impression

A famous American actor, Will Rogers, once mentioned, “You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression.” I’m sure most of us hope to leave a good impression when meeting someone for the first time, be it a first date, formal interview, virtual or not, or a simple encounter with a stranger. It’s our human nature to want to show our best and impress people. So, here comes the ‘how?’ 

Here are 5 tips to leave a good impression on people you’ll meet regardless if you’re meeting them online or offline!

1. Keep a neat and tidy appearance


Wherever you go, always be mindful of the occasion so that you dress accordingly. And it’s basic social etiquette that's expected of anyone. For instance, on your first date with someone in a coffee shop, it’s best that you wear something casual and comfortable. It’ll make you look natural without trying too hard. 

On the other hand, if you are attending a formal interview, suit and tie is a basic guideline to look professional and presentable — this also applies even if you’re on a Zoom call! You don’t want to appear like you just got out of bed, right? Leave the fancy-schmancy aside. Keep in mind that a neat and tidy outlook is the simplest way to leave a good impression.

2. Be mindful of politeness


When meeting a stranger, a new friend, or a potential employer, it’s important to express yourself with respect. Using magic words such as please, thank you, you’re welcome is a good way to show politeness. Being polite at the first encounter shows that you are a considerate person which would ease the conversations and future dealings you might be having with this person. This nails a good impression to others effortlessly.

3. Pay attention to details


As the saying goes, ‘The devil is in the details’.  Besides appearing neat, you should also pay attention to the little details too. Some details you could pay attention to are making sure your clothes are ironed or looks presentable, chew some mint gum for a fresher breath (even with a mask on, I’m sure you don’t want to smell your own bad breath which might make you uncomfortable), and don’t forget your hair is important in making an impression as well as you can easily tell whether it’s unkempt or not! 

These are some minor things that may leave you feeling awkward if you missed them. To make sure you have time to have everything in check, always start preparing ahead of time!

4. Be yourself


I know some of us might go the extra mile to put on a certain persona in order to impress others. For example, speaking with an accent that’s not your natural tone. This might be a good idea when it comes to acting as another character in a drama, but it’s not ideal in real-life situations as others can easily tell and might think you’re trying too hard or being pretentious. 

So, being authentically yourself is actually the best state to present yourself, others will definitely feel your sincerity and would appreciate you for who you are.

5. Remember your power tool — Smile


I personally love this tip the most and I would say this is the most important tip of all. The best way to show your confidence is to show your power tool — your smile. Smiling increases your approachability and shows your friendliness at the first glance. A small grin at the person you’re meeting can set the tone for the conversations later. Smiling is free after all, so smile away!

I hope the tips above will help you make your first date, first interview, or first meeting better. Remember, be natural and be confident. You got this!

One of The Risers’ ambassadors, Jasmine is an assertive, bold and cheerful student currently pursuing her Bachelor of Education (Hons). She enjoys teaching, learning, singing and exploring new stuff.

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