5 Business Ideas You Can Start Based on Your Interest

Need some business ideas to start online? Check out below! 

As the COVID-19 crisis persists, some of us may experience some financial difficulty as the pandemic affects our lives. Since we’re unable to move about due to the MCO, why not consider starting an online business to help you make some money on the side? Here are some business ideas which you can take up based on your field of interest!

#1. Interest: Communication


Though you may not be able to go out into the field to flaunt your skills, having good communication skills is handy even during the pandemic. For starters, if you enjoy the spotlight, you can get paid by becoming a host for webinars or any other virtual events.  If hosting is not up your sleeves, you can start your own broadcast channel or maybe hold your own workshops or talks to share your experience (Eg. how to be a good speaker or how to edit videos) and offer valuable and useful tips to your audience. 

If you’re a shy person who prefers to be behind the scenes,  you can pour your words on paper (or Google Docs) instead by becoming a ghostwriter!

PS: Interested in the field of communications? Check out Taylor's College Foundation in Communication

#2. Interest: Culinary or…  eating


Do you love to bake or cook? Have you always dreamed of having your own bakery but don't have enough budget to set it up? You can start your own virtual bakery or cafe on social media. One of the social media that’s easy to use and start a business is definitely Instagram. Plus, it has multiple features like Instagram shopping and paid Ads which are useful for business owners! All you need is to set up an account, bake the goodies, upload some good-looking pictures of your goods, and you’re set to sell some hot cakes! 

If you’re good at cooking and taking videos, you can also film ASMR videos of yourself prepping different food brands! Check out @nabong_cafe for some cool inspo! Otherwise, if you love to EAT, you could also set up a mukbang channel (where people watch and listen to others eat a whole lot of food) or a food blog to review small businesses.

Are you passionate about making delicious yet aesthetically pleasing food? Why not take up a Diploma in Culinary Arts!  

#3. Interest: Psychology


Are you a psych enthusiast? While you probably aren’t qualified as a psychologist or a psychiatrist, that doesn’t mean you can’t put the skills you’ve learned to good use!  

During this stressful period, everyone needs some tender-loving care, but not all know how to! Why not host an online workshop on self-care? You could even prep a toolkit of the essential self-care items to be sent to those who subscribed! It’ll be a fun and wholesome community activity to spread love too!

Want to become a psychology expert? A Foundation in Arts will get you halfway there! 

#4. Interest: Design


If you’re talented in designing, don’t wait to be hired. Unleash your creativity by establishing a side-hustle of your own!  If you have a knack for calligraphy, you can start by creating your simple greeting cards, cards with motivational quotes (we could all use some uplifting) and sell them to your friends or online. 

Are you into fashion designing? Turn your sketches and imagination into reality. To make things easier, you don’t have to start with a lot of copies for each design. You can plan and create limited pieces for each style to be up for grabs! This way, you can then find out the design that’s most in-demand and make more of that! It’ll also be easier for you to improvise your product to the next level to achieve your customer’s satisfaction. 

Got dreams to be a glam designer? A Foundation in Design can help!  

#5. Interest: Computer Science


Are you a tech expert? Can you create simple apps or even set up websites?  Well, why not offer your skills to develop a  simple website or even an application for small businesses that are currently blooming to help them manage their businesses. If you love solving problems, you could also offer an online solution service to those facing difficulties with their tech devices.

Here's your chance to become a tech expert with a Foundation in Computing at Taylor's College.  

Apart from these, there are still lots of ways for you to make money online. These are just some basic ideas that may help you get started on a side hustle! All you need is some creativity to turn your expertise into reality, and your business idea will be ready to go. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Don’t let anything stop you from achieving your goal. 

Natasha Iman binti Shahabudin is currently pursuing a Diploma in Business at Taylor's College. She’s previously had a side-hustle, selling cakes via Instagram but is on hold to focus on her studies. She’s passionate about business, baking and exploring new things.

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