4 Ways To Excel As A Teacher

Teaching is a noble way to bring up our next generation. Education is a pathway to progress and success. However, in Malaysia, the stigma on the teaching profession has hindered many would-be teachers from pursuing their dreams as educators. Albeit the honourable career, many of us wish the remunerations were better. We need that pay raise to put food on the table. But how do we get it? We may have some answers to that question. 

Here are 4 ways a teacher can excel and ultimately get a bump in pay grade.

Higher Education

One reason why many public school teachers are paid lower than other professions is because the certification to become a teacher is considered entry-level. Ergo, the lower the qualification, the lower the salary. Pursuing a higher education – Masters’s degree or Ph.D. will allow you to take your paygrade up a notch. You’ll enter the tier of the Researcher, whereby your knowledge and experience will be noticed and valued.

If finances for study are an obstacle, you can apply for scholarships and grants from the Malaysian government or from the universities themselves. Many of these opportunities are not fully utilised. As to the options for further studies, there are plenty. You can explore Psychology, Linguistics, Special Needs Education, Leadership, or Business majors as a start. 

Procuring a Masters’s degree or Ph.D. in any of these fields ensures you gain vital working experience as a prerequisite – it is the golden star in your CV. Once you have your Masters’s degree or Ph.D., you can confidently ask for a pay raise – you deserve it!

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Multiple Skill Sets

A teacher is never just an educator. He or she is a role model, a disciplinarian, a timekeeper, a protector, and much more. We need to see ourselves as that. When we upgrade our skills, we increase our usefulness.

What do we mean by skill set? Some examples of skill sets include; playing and teaching musical instruments, being a fitness coach, being a part-time student counselor. Additional skill sets make you a valuable asset in the school and play a big role in helping you obtain a salary increment.

Volunteer Work

The more you work, the more you get paid. The question then is, how do we work extra as teachers? Many schools need substitute teachers as some go on maternity leave and some are on holiday. A teacher can substitute another and gain more classroom hours to negotiate higher pay.

Another way to put in extra work is to volunteer to tutor students after class. Given the classroom setting, some students may fall behind on grades or homework submission. A teacher can be of great help by offering additional lessons after school to help the student catch up. As with any type of appraisal criteria, these must be done voluntarily with good intentions.

School Liaison

Often, schools won’t consider hiring PR or Marketing agencies to maintain their clean public image. Teachers can therefore become liaisons to the outside world. As many negative issues can arise in a school with hundreds of students, we can expect a public relations crisis to occur. In these times, the school may not be prepared to deal with the parents, government authorities, or the media.

Having a teacher as an ambassador to the outside world is much like a voice that accurately provides timely information. Imagine the chaos of the current COVID19 pandemic – many parents want to know whether the school should remain closed or reopen. A well-informed teacher could provide timely information from the relevant government agency (and school administration) to the parents. A school liaison also acts as a representative to attend events or receive honorary awards when the school’s Principal or Headmaster or Headmistress is unavailable.

These are just some ideas to inspire you to become a better teacher and a pay raise will be your ultimate reward. Even if you don’t get a salary increment, just remember that you did your best and now have more experience to add to your resume. Plus, you’re a better educator and role model for the next generation.

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