4 Ways College Will Shape Your Life Perspective

Well, one of your main reasons for going to college is probably to quench your thirst for knowledge (aside from getting that certificate of course)! But college is more than just attending lectures, doing your assignments, and taking your exams. It’s the ultimate time of your life to shine brighter than you did back in high school. 

No, we’re not talking about fame but rather becoming a wholesome and well-equipped individual. Your college years offer you a myriad of experiences that will form a solid foundation of knowledge and build character. How so?  

Keep reading as we explore how attending college can be a life-changing experience for you.  

1. You'll make great connections


Whether you’re a lone ranger or a social butterfly, you can’t run away from making contacts with people in college.

There are plenty of instances where you’ll get the chance to socialise with others through common classes, group assignments, clubs and societies as well as college events.

By being actively involved in your college activities, you’re bound to find people you connect with the most. As you bond with them more through your projects, what seemed to be merely your teammates could turn out to be lifelong friends (who knows maybe even life partners?). 

Your college lecturers and professors are also a gem to treasure. They make great connections if you get in their good books as they’ll happily share their age-old wisdom that you can never find in books, allowing you for more in-depth thoughts about your field of interest! 

You’ll also meet both like-minded and people with varying ideas in the same room. Hence, college acts as a public sphere, creating a safe space for a healthy discourse in your field of interest. This is where brilliant ideas and great minds can spark intellectual conversations which could potentially lead to something bigger… perhaps a million-dollar idea and possibly a business partnership?

2. You’ll learn to toughen up


We’re not saying college is going to be tough… it’s going to be gruelling. Truly, college life isn’t for the faint of hearts. 

There are piles of journals to read, loads of homework to complete, assignments with pressing deadlines, and final exams to conquer.

All of these, on top of extracurriculars, keeping up with your social life, and even struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Makes you wonder how these seemed effortless in the media. The pathway to graduation is a treacherous one… but the reward for climbing this steep hill is deeply satisfying.  

  In the end, you realise if you could write a 5,000-word essay overnight plus your references after a long day of classes, then you can take on any challenge life throws at you. These obstacles in college are designed to help you build a character with a strong foundation so even if you dive into life’s challenges headfirst, you’ll still survive the rough course. You’ll thank yourself for the years of training you put yourself through.


3. You’ll learn soft skills and responsibilities


… And we don’t just mean submitting your essays before the deadline or making new friends. The realm of tertiary education will equip you with both hard skills and some serious soft skills which are essential in real life.

This includes learning to approach your peers and people around you diplomatically when you face conflicts, instead of speaking your mind, unfiltered.

Or that you should never be an all-talk-sans-the-action kind of person especially when it comes to group assignments. 


To thrive in college, learning to be a team player and being accountable is key — otherwise, you'll find yourself struggling to maintain friendships! Besides college, employers also seek this fundamental trait among their employees.  

So, if you’re not big on responsibilities, college is a good time to pick up some!


4. You’ll gain exposure and life experiences


Many programmes in colleges boast of providing hands-on learning throughout the semesters and internship at the end of the course before you graduate.

This means that you’ll be future-proof for the industry before entering the workforce so that you’re not thrown in the pits, cold turkey!

Your experiences would come in handy and useful as you adorn your portfolio with your shiny skills when applying for a job.


Sure, you could also gain life experiences if you start work immediately, but of course, people are more forgiving and you are allowed more room for trial and errors as a college student as compared to an official employee. 

Bottom line, you get to be educated and also equipped with relevant skills — it’s a win-win situation!


BONUS: You’ll learn to get ready in 20 minutes!


After some trial and errors, and several instances of tardiness, it’s only a matter of time before you figure out the most efficient way to prep for class.

A word of advice? Prepare your learning materials and outfit to wear the night before and you’d be ready in no time!

PS: While you may be attending classes online until further notice, that doesn’t mean you should only get out of bed 5 minutes before the lesson begins. It’s vital to give yourself sufficient time to freshen up before you jump into a class!

So go forth and walk through the college doors with an open mind to learn, give, and receive knowledge and experiences. We assure you that your college years will be the most unforgettable time of your life. 

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