4 Reasons a Foundation Programme Is Meant For You

Should you pursue a foundation programme? Find out here.

If you’ve stumbled upon this page, chances are you’re wondering whether or not a foundation programme is worth your time and money. Firstly, a foundation is a pre-university programme, designed to give you the fundamentals before entering your selected degree programme. 

You’ve the choice to opt for a more general foundation (Foundation in Arts, Foundation in Science) if you’re unsure of your preferred field of study. Otherwise, you can opt for a more specific programme such as Foundation in Business, Foundation in Design, Foundation in Computing, Foundation in Engineering, and Foundation in Natural Built Environment.  

Well, here are several top reasons why you should consider pursuing a foundation programme.

1. Faster route to a degree


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Typically, a foundation programme only requires 1 year to complete before you can enter an undergraduate programme. However, the short duration doesn’t mean that it’s any less hectic than say an A Level or a diploma programme. 

Since the programmes are condensed into one year, expect your schedule to be closely knitted with assignments, projects, exams, and of course, shorter semester breaks. In fact, you’ll constantly have to be on your toes and prepared to excel!

2. Prepare you for degree


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As mentioned earlier, a foundation programme is set to lay the fundamentals you need to know and gives you an introduction to different subjects before setting your foot in your selected Degree programme. Depending on which foundation you choose, you’ll be given the core, which are compulsory, and elective subjects, which you may choose. 

For instance, in Foundation in Arts, some of your core subjects include English, Social Psychology, and Public Speaking Skills whereas you may select electives related to fields like Accounting, Mass Communication, Design, Business, and etc. This is so that you can have a taste of what different subjects are like which would, hopefully, give you an idea of what your career interest is. 

But, if you opt for a more specific foundation, like the Foundation in Computing, your subjects would be catered to the computing field alone which means you’ll be introduced to algorithms, information systems, programming, IT skills, and etc.

3. Smooth transition to degree


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Although it’s much shorter than a diploma, a foundation is often deemed as a higher qualification standard and helps in a smoother transition into your degree as you’ll definitely have a head start to your selected degree. This is especially if you’re already fixed with a certain university you wish to pursue your degree. 

As foundation programmes are usually prepared by the universities and tailored according to the degree offered by that university, it’s best to study foundation in the same university of your chosen degree. 

PS: Choosing a foundation also means you’ll need to complete your degree as a foundation isn’t sufficient as a standalone qualification when it comes to your career.

4. Save cost


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Well, saving time and money usually goes hand in hand. If money is one of your main concerns, as compared to other pre-university programmes such as the Cambridge A Level or Diploma, a foundation would definitely be one of the most affordable pre-u programmes available!

Since you’ll only spend a year studying foundation, you’ll ultimately save on money you will spend throughout the programme. That’s not all, completing your studies faster also means you’ll graduate earlier and hence be the first to grab any career opportunities!

To sum it all, you should pick a foundation programme if you want a fast track to complete your pre-u, already have a specific university to pursue your degree studies, and have a budget constraint.  

Still unsure of whether or not you’d like to study foundation? Feel free to have a chat with our friendly counsellors who are at your service!

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