4 Ace Cards You Need to Excel in College

Assuming you’re (or about to be) a college student, the basics of surviving college should be pretty evident in your minds. Attending classes, making friends, handing in that project 3 seconds before the deadline… Yup, basically the basics! Seeing that you’re reading this could only mean that you’re not satisfied enough with the other articles about how to be successful in college. So, here I’ll be giving four ace cards on how you can maintain your sanity while grabbing college life by the horns.

Starting with my first ace card — The Twins: Skim & Scan. Skimming helps you to get the gist of a text while scanning helps you to find specific information in a text. Neat, huh? You can fly through chapters before a test. You can even pinpoint reliable info you need in one of those numerous tabs you’ve opened. However, you’ll be needing strategy and reading experience to utilise this ace card well! 

Don’t just make your eyes fly through a text without absorbing sense from it. You’re gonna have to know how to identify the topic sentences of the text, which is where reading experience comes in because your senses will tell you where the info you’re looking for is located. So, keep this card well. It’ll be your guaranteed college companion.

To give you tips on how to be financially aware in college is like giving you a whole deck for free. Some cards you already know, so I’ll give you one that I call an ace card too! It’s The Keen Eye. Now, you can see all and be more aware and updated on what happens in college. I gave you this card specifically because it’s important to grab whatever opportunities that will benefit you.

College is a hungry but useful creature with the plethora of activities going on, so keep your eyes out for scholarships, events, or even cafeteria promotions. This card exists for you to exploit it, so exploit opportunities for experiences and chances to get freebies, or be exploited. Who knows, fellow peers may look up to you for being constantly updated and reliable. I hereby entrust this card to you, so that you are never at loss!

Next ace (oh boy, can this card be so underrated and forgotten at times): The Health Point, commonly known as HP. No HP, no life. As a youth who has so much left to do, you need a very HIGH HP level. I can’t stress enough the importance of looking after your own mental and physical health. This card serves as a reminder that you shouldn’t overexert or over suppress yourself because living hell is no place you’d want to land in. 

College life can get really hectic; be it in terms of catching up with work, arguing over different points of views, or even family issues. When that happens, just flash out this card and be reminded that asking for help is no weakness but a strength! Look for your big supporters and get the healing that you need. Get a load of all that love around you, especially from yourself.

Phew, things got a bit heavy just now, huh? No worries, I saved the best ace card for last! Behold, The Contact List. This card is for you to create more connections in college with lecturers, seniors, peers… even other staff! College is one of the best times to get to know more people specialising in different fields. You don’t need to be an extrovert or anything to use this card.

In all honesty, you already own this card! Surprise, surprise. Strike up some light convo with students from other programmes or even joke around (but keep it light and don’t be rude) a little with your lecturers during class. Even better, be friendly and approachable to your classmates when it comes to projects or stuff because that means they acknowledge your skills! That would be them making use of their ace card. So remember to step up your game and make lots of beneficial relationships!

Four ace cards: The Twins: Skim & Scan, The Keen Eye, The Health Point and The Contact List. These are the cards that I’ve given you at the end of this short journey. Add these to your existing deck of cards and take that renewed step of vigour towards success in college!

Eunice Liow is currently pursuing a Foundation in Business at Taylor's University. She is also a member of the Event Management team for Taylor's College Student Council.

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