3 Ways to Keep Your Friendship Growing Strong From a Distance

There’s something about spending time with your friends in a dedicated space for a specific number of hours with the same people every single day, that keeps friendships strong.

With the Movement Control Order (MCO), disrupting that routined meet-ups with our friends, extra efforts are definitely needed to maintain friendships.

Here are some ways you can keep your friendships growing despite the distance!



One way to alleviate the feeling of being stuck in an infinite time loop is by scheduling a regular date or time to meet up. Bring yourselves together by leveraging on these free calling apps. By the end of the RMO season, you’d probably be able to pick out your favs and continue using it with your besties!

For smaller groups (ranging from 2 to 8 people)

WhatsApp Video Call

This is a great way to get up close and personal with your close set of friends as it holds a max of 4 people. Plus point, everyone’s bound to already have WhatsApp downloaded on their phone!

Google Duo

If your usual clique holds more than 4 people, this app, that holds up to 7 people, is one you should use. All you need is a google account for it to work. This works on phones, tablets, and even on the web!


Bunch allows you to host a call with a bunch of friends! What’s unique about this is that you’d get to play a bunch of games at the same time with them!

For virtual parties (up to 50 people)

Google Hangouts

Want to host your own #VirtualGathering? With a google account, you can do just that with a maximum of 25 people. Plus, you'd get yourself some pretty neat tricks for that extra fun call. 

Facebook Messenger

End the battle between Android and iPhone apps by using what everyone has, Facebook. Host up to 50 people without needing to clean any sort of mess (which would happen in real life.)

Pro tip: Miss chilling outdoors? Take your video calls on your house porch or balcony for that outdoor feels. Don’t forget to lather on some sunscreen and wear your shades for some needed Vitamin D boost!


Video calls may not be everyone’s cup of tea because they’re in their third day wearing the wake-up-of-bed look (though remember to practise good habits and take a shower!) Instead of video calls, engage with each other through online activities!

Here’s are some of your usual activities that you can still practise together virtually:


Go for a movie

Grab your favourite snack, get cozy on your sofa or bed, and get ready for a movie or netflix-binge with your bestie through browser extensions like Netflix Partytwoseven (both PC or laptop-based), and Rave (mobile-based app).

Get fit together

Ever wanted to go for a yoga or a HIIT class with your friends for that #SquadGoals but your wallet disagrees with the gym membership prices?

Make full use of the fitness trend on social media and follow the many free fitness videos online like POPSUGAR fitness, Fitness Blender, Blogilates, and many others, that’s suited for all fitness levels!

All you have to do is share your screen to your group and follow the onscreen instructor.


Why not test your cooking skills during this home-bound period?

The idea is simple. Choose a recipe that uses basic ingredients, send it to a friend, and have a virtual cook-off! Upload both pictures on IG and let your friendly community decide who dished it out better.

Throw in some competitive spirit

Whether it’s cooking with only basic ingredients to completing 10 sets of push-ups or reading a book a day, it’s always healthy to throw in some positive competition.

With the surge of social media trends, you can virtually challenge your friends by completing an activity and tagging them!


It’s exactly like a game night out, but without the endless nags of coming home early and potential physical abuse from sore losers. Here are some of the different ways to play those classic games:


If you haven’t heard of Telegram yet, you’re missing out on a lot!

Typically used for messaging, Telegram has a lot of cool features in it including the presence of different bots.

From the list of bots, you can choose to play games like, Werewolf or Cards Against Humanity, as long as you have a chat group with your friends!

It's doodling time!

With all the time you have at home, it’s time to master a new skill. What better way to do this than playing a guessing game with your friends!

Housing up to 12 people in a game, helps unleash your inner Leonarda Da Vincci, even if your friends think your drawing looks more like Picasso’s interpretative pieces.

Missing piece

If you’re feeling like a piece of you is missing due to the RMO, it’s time to team up with your friends to fill up that void by completing a virtual jigsaw puzzle!

Perfect if you’re looking for something that you can play with a bunch of other people without the need to strategise as much.


Why go through all the trouble to search for different games on the World Wide Web, when you can get a variety of different games on one platform?

Connect with different friends, in groups or one-on-one, and even test your multitasking skills by playing multiple games at the same time!

Pro tip: Use Discord to chat with fellow gamers while playing all of these games! It allows for voice calls so it’ll sound exactly like game night with friendly banter, insults, and encouragement. Plus, you also get to include bots that allow for background music to be included and share screens for communal viewing!

And there you have it! A list of fun ways you can ensure your friendships stay strong from the comforts of your own home.

As preventive measures, like the RMO, are being taken to ensure all of us stay safe and healthy, do remember to keep your peers in mind by checking and engaging with them through different and creative ways. Remember to stay safe, stay home, stay healthy, and stay indoors!


See you in the virtual outside!