3 Post-SPM Activities Teachers Can Organise

What is your fondest memory of secondary school? Was it studying for exams? Or does it involve the quality time spent with your best friends doing fun activities? You most likely answered the latter.

The truth is secondary school could take its toll in creating a high level of stress in students. SPM students particularly, end their school year with the “Mother of All Exams”.

Thankfully, teachers can organise post SPM activities to take the students’ minds off the pressure of exams, while simultaneously preparing them for tertiary education. Here are 3 ideas for post SPM activities that teachers can organise for students. We understand that the school term ends with the final examinations. Hence, it’s best to arrange some of these activities a few months before SPM finals.  

Career Fair Day

Alright, we know what you’re thinking – this isn’t much fun. On the contrary, taking these young kids out for a breath of fresh air does them much good, so long as they go as a group. A career fair is an event where selected companies open booths to showcase their working culture, job vacancies, and potential opportunities for partnerships.

Sometimes, a career fair can even be organised by the school itself. The school invites colleges and companies with potential after-school employment opportunities. As a bonus, students can try their hand at organizing too! A career fair brings instant exposure to the working world and the possibilities of diving into a career of their choice. 

Corporations such as Shell, Grab, DahMakan, Digi, Petronas, and Prudential conduct Customer Relations Management events and would eagerly participate in career fairs. Many have programs to expedite potential careers long before students enter college. It creates the perfect opportunity for the students, and their parents will thank you for it.

Farewell Party

Nothing like the good ol’ goodbyes at a farewell party. With exams within arms’ reach, your students need to blow off some steam. It’s time to party!

Organising a farewell party is a great way to get closure to a successful school year. Many schools publish their yearly magazines that can be autographed by students as the goodbyes take place. Watch how your kids get creative in their autograph sessions by signing on each other’s school t-shirts and various belongings. 

If you decide to party after the exams are over, students get to be themselves and relax while reminiscing the fond memories of high school.

Parties are best paired with some games, photo sessions, and lots and lots of food! Get your students’ input into organising the party. Most of all, remember to have fun.

Class Holiday

The ultimate way to end a school year is to take the entire class out for a holiday – a proper holiday! Planning a holiday for a class of 40 kids may not be an easy feat. You’ll need finances, parental permissions, and a suitable time of the year. But it is totally worth it. Plus, get your students to form an organising committee and instill leadership skills while at it!

A beach destination would be ideal as most of us love beaches. The sand, the sun, the water – all elements of the perfect getaway. Destinations within an hour’s drive from KL city centre are plenty.

One suitable example for a class holiday would be to Taman Negara. Tour packages include 3-day, 2-night stays from RM360 at our heritage rainforest in Pahang. Your students will enjoy nature close-up while learning the value of saving the environment. 

Here’s how to get started on your class holiday plans:

  1. Get students to chip in at least RM20 to RM30 per person every month until the end of the school term. The total for each student would range from between RM200 and RM300 by October. You may need additional funding so put in a request to the school board to subsidise the trip. Some parents may oblige in helping out with funding too.

  2. Keep your eye out for online discounts on group travel packages. Our local tourism hotspots all have group rates for small to large numbers. Student rates are also available. Give each student the micro task of researching the best travel accommodations and activities to keep them abreast on the progress of the holiday planning.

  3. Book travel and accommodation arrangements well in advance. Get a tour agency to outsource the planning if necessary. 

Once you’ve successfully organised a holiday with your kids, you will be more confident in planning next year’s trip. Holidays with the class allow the teachers to have a rest as well. God knows teachers need the time off work.   

What are you waiting for? Go on, create unforgettable experiences with your students to enrich their last few days in secondary school. Make memories that your students will cherish for all time. 

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