3 Essential Tips to Staying Productive


Do you feel that too?  Life has been on pause since the pandemic hit humanity globally. The sudden escape from our reality, the luxury of running away from our responsibilities, and the excitement of having a break from our hectic schedule are all but rainbow and roses… until we are tired of staying at home for 14 days, another 14 days, and again another 14 days.

You might be slouching like a couch potato, binge-watching drama, scrolling social media, or gaming intensely just to kill that extra hour...

Since you have clicked into this article, I hope it is because you are thinking of being more productive and it is my wish that what I will share today will awaken a tiny sense of responsibility in your heart and you would be willing to make a change for the better. Sharing as a constant fighter of laziness and unproductivity, here are the 3 tips to stay productive during the Movement Control Order (MCO). Keep in mind these 3 words, goal, routine, and persistence.

First, set a specific short-term goal to utilise your time with. Be clear with what you want to achieve. Do you want a fit body? Finish reading a book? Improve your English? No matter what goal it is, make it clear so that you see it, you like it, you want it, and eventually, you will get it 一 as suggested by Ariana Grande. It is advisable to set realistic goals according to your own ability so that you’ll feel it is achievable and not dreadful. 

To further encourage yourself to achieve that goal, make a list of reasons why you want to achieve it. Once you have your goal set, place it somewhere that you can constantly see it. For example, on the wallpaper of your phone, on a sticky paper beside your bed, or even on your dining table. Constant reminder motivates and keeps you focused on your goal.

Second, make it a routine. An American self-help author once said, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”. Having a daily routine on achieving your goal is paving your way to success. If you want to have that fit body, set a workout time for yourself daily and make sure you fulfil it. Plan the chapters that you are going to read daily and motivate yourself to complete it. If you truly want to improve your English, have some interesting language activities to do daily. Set a time for yourself and push yourself to complete it daily.

Think twice before you skip a day because skipping can be turned into a habit too, which eventually leads you to the road of defeat. Do the necessary to focus on your goal. If your phone is a distraction, switch it to silent mode and keep it away from your sight until you have done your daily goal. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. Likewise, it takes effort and hard work to achieve your goal.

Third, persistence is key. You have your goal and routine ready and are dreaming about achieving your goal. However, it will never be achieved if you aren’t persistent in what you are doing. Your body goal, book reading, and language learning will never come to you unless you constantly work on it. Let not your effort go to waste at the last step, persist through until you see yourself smiling and are satisfied with what you have achieved.

If you’re unable to persist and are going off track, make adjustments to your routine and refocus on your goals. Remind yourself why you want to achieve your goal. Keep your motivation burning till the very end. Keep in mind that the habit of persistence is the habit of victory.


Now, equipped with this knowledge, it’s time to turn knowledge into power, and share this article to a buddy to stay productive too!