10 Meaningful Ways to Spend Christmas

As the country has been recently hit by flood that caused thousands of people to lose their homes, here's what you can do to ease the burden of the victims.

Wondering how you should celebrate this Christmas? Here’s a list of stuff you can do.

“Jingle bell, 

Jingle bell,

Jingle bell rock.”

You’re right! It’s the Christmas holidays! It’s that time of the year again where most of us get to feel the serendipity and mysticality of the year. From the magical stories of Santa Claus’ Ho, Ho, Hos and his favourite Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, to elves wrapping our gifts and Santa sliding down the chimney secretly placing our gifts. It’s undeniable that most of us believed these myths when we were young and it’s amazing how they still live on today among children. 

But, have you ever wondered why is it always at the end of the year that we get to slow down and, in fact, spend time to be content with everything and try to take things as slow as possible? Whatever the reason is, the Christmas season always gets everyone to appreciate the little things and moments in life. 

So, how are you going to spend your Christmas holidays this year? 

Some prefer to spend it alone whereas some enjoy spending it with people. Here are 10 ways to make your Christmas holidays memorable and merry yourself into the New Year!

#1. Find your inner peace.


It must’ve been tiring for you this year, and understandably, you may not be comfortable meeting any of your relatives.  And now that you’re spending less time with others, why not spend more time with yourself? After all, if you’re not going to look after yourself, who will? Take this opportunity to find the inner peace that you’ve lost after a year of a hectic schedule by being kind to yourself. Everyone deserves a break, even if it means from family gatherings.

So, it’s OK to take a break. Perhaps as compensation for not attending any family gatherings, you may send messages to your loved ones that you’re doing well.

#2. Send a meaningful gift card.


Don’t panic  — it’s not those gift cards that you get from retail stores. These gift cards require some DIY and, most importantly, the love and warmth that you want to share with people this Christmas season. Getting started is as simple as picking up that favourite pen and writing on a piece of paper. Remember to embellish it as well!

Christmas is about giving back, so tis’ a simple but genuine gesture to give back to society. As you know, many have been struggling this year — what with the pandemic and now the floods. Write down motivating stories in your letters or maybe something heart-warming to boost their morale. 

Once you’re done, share these letters with someone you know or give it away to random people in the street you were observing. If you’re feeling generous, you could also put in some money or a small gift to someone who may look like they could use a little more kindness. If this person has helped you, be sure to thank them for their efforts this year. Let them know they’re not alone and that someone’s always there supporting them silently and spiritually. 

Pro Tip: Put the cards/letters in a basket or box and let them pick! They’ll probably get the message meant for them, which may resonate with them deep down.

#3. Christmas movie marathon with hot chocolate.


It’s not Christmas without a Christmas movie marathon and a cup of warm hot chocolate. So here are some movies for you to watch with yourself or with your family or friends! 

Christmas Movies Recommendations:

#4. Christmas in cafes and streets.


Yeap! You could try cafe-hopping or maybe strolling along the streets. If you’re not a fan of indoor activities during Christmas, this is one of the ways you can spend your Christmas holidays. 

Of course, it’s not just that. Bring along a sketchbook or a notebook and illustrate or write your observations (depending on your preferred method) while at it. Take this chance to observe how people spend their Christmas. Then, turn them into stories and imagine how you want them to be. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could go up to them (remember to practise social distancing) and have a quick chat to find out what they’re up to on Christmas. 

If you like, you can share your masterpiece at the end with your favourite people to spread the warmth and magic of Christmas through the stories of others.

#5.  Spend Christmas indoors.


Who says Christmas should just be spent outdoors? If nothing excites you, why don’t you try spending Christmas by doing all the indoor activities that you can think of. Direct this indoor Christmas challenge as if it were a movie, including how you want it to end. 

Suggestions of the indoor activities: 

  • Participate in a virtual volunteer event hosted by NGOs such as AIESEC
  • Call up your friends to check on them 
  • Bake Christmas biscuits and treats
  • Throw a virtual Netflix party with your friends and family (if you’re spending Christmas alone
  • Binge-read some seasonal books

    -  A Christmas Carol

    Home for the Holidays

    The Gift of the Magi

    The Santa Suit

#6. Go to church.


If you’re a religious person celebrating Christmas and have no idea how to spend your Christmas, fret not; here’s one for you! You’re likely to be attending mass on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. But after that, you may feel empty, lonely, or have no idea how to spend your Christmas especially if you don’t have plans after. 

What you could do is spend your day with members of the church after mass, share your stories, and have a conversation with them. You could stay back at the church or chapel and imagine the saints sitting beside you; what would that conversation be? 

Here’s a tip: Start a conversation with an elderly person. They’ll have the best stories to tell and you’d be amazed at just how intriguing their stories are.

#7. Listen to Christmas songs.


If you'd like to take a break from reality for a while and get in the festive mood, here’s a curated playlist for you to listen to this Christmas or anytime you want that Christmas feels! 

Pro Tip: Serenade to the songs, let go, and simply observe your emotions to dive into the Christmas mood.

Christmas Playlist

  • Alessia Cara - Make It To Christmas 

  • Ariana Grande - Last Christmas

  • Coldplay - Christmas Lights 

  • Dan + Shay - Christmas Isn’t Christmas 

  • Ed Sheeran & Elton John - Merry Christmas  

  • John Legend - You Deserve It All 

  • Justin Bieber - Mistletoe 

  • Kelly Clarkson & Ariana Grande - Santa, Can’t You Hear Me

  • Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You

  • Sia - Snowman

  • Taylor Swift - Christmas Tree Farm

My personal favourite, Sia’s Christmas Album - Everyday is Christmas is another recommendation of a Christmas playlist that you can listen to!

#8. Write a letter to yourself for next Christmas.


Writing does sound boring, but it’s not when it’s a letter to your future self! Your letter doesn’t have to be formal at all.

Instead, you could design it any way you want it to be and write whatever you want.

After all, it’s for you! Whether it’s a reflection for your future self to be proud of your achievements and how far you’ve gone, or a tale about what went well for you this year and how you’ve conquered it, or even a poem about completing your pending bucket list — the possibilities are endless.

Let this Christmas season be a pat on the back for you to remember the next Christmas season.

#9. Decorate a Christmas tree.


Christmas isn’t the same without Christmas trees, so grab one for yourself and your family! If you’re spending Christmas alone, don’t worry because you too can enjoy Christmas by decorating your own tiny (or huge) Christmas tree to light up your Christmas mood.

If you’re celebrating with your family or friends, this is a perfect time to catch up with them to bond with each other after a roller-coaster ride of a year. While decorating the Christmas trees, conversations are always fun because you’ll realise that it’s been a long time since you’d such an exciting conversation!

#10. Go on a road trip with your best buddies!


Tired of planned trips? Well, grab a chance during this Christmas to have a spontaneous trip with your friends.

Ring anyone up and ask if they’d be interested in going on a trip.

A reminder to make sure that you’ve a budget so you guys don’t overspend, but if you want it to have absolutely no plans and requirements, well go ahead!

No one’s stopping you from enjoying this season! Be sure that your friends are okay with this idea too!

Take Note: Remember to check the weather forecast and do a little research whether it's safe to visit during this rainy season. 

Hopefully, these suggestions may alleviate any anxiety you may have had about spending Christmas Day. As we all know that Christmas is about giving and spreading love and warmth, don’t forget to give some to yourself too.

And if you don’t prefer to spend it with others too, it’s fine as everyone has their own preference and should be respected. Last but not least, remember to thank yourself for all the efforts that you’ve put in this year! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and remember to stay safe. 

Sonia Rachel is currently pursuing Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) in International Relations at Taylor's University. She is also a committee member of Taylor’s University Student Council.

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