10 College Survival Tips

Has college been overwhelming? Have you been struggling to gear up and actually stop procrastinating? Honestly, as productive as I may seem... (Mood. Relatable.) These days the only thing on my mind is  “Why do education?”. Not grammatically correct, but portrays my feelings perfectly in 3 words. Whilst in confusion, I sat down, and thought to myself, guess what? It’s time I found friends to survive this college apocalypse together. That brings us to our first tip to surviving college...

#1.  Make friends


SOCIALISE! I know classes are online but step out of your bubble and talk to people. Not only can you create meaningful relationships, you’d also have someone to back you up from any awkward encounters (at least!). Having someone to help you out in any academic emergency online is a lifesaver. However, don’t take them for granted. It’s about balancing between giving and taking!

#2. Don’t leave assignments to the last minute


Be it your own personal notes or assignment, DO NOT, I repeat, do not leave them to the last minute. It’s totally understandable if you have lazy days, but don’t keep it up for the entire semester. Your future self would love your present self to bits for even just completing a part of the work needed.

#3.  Always do SOMETHING


Not everything has to be perfect. Even when you can’t find the motivation to do something 100%, 10% of something is better than 0%.

#4. Cold showers after the late-night-outs


Stayed out late and had a bit too much fun? Have an 8am class which you cannot miss? Get up at 7:50am and rain yourself with cold water. It sounds painful, but not as bad as when your lecturer calls you out to answer a question and you’re in the midst of taking a nap from your post-too-much-fun headache. Embarrassing much?

#5. Meditate to avoid conflicts


When you’re this close to getting into an argument with your group members.

By THIS I mean, this:


Emotional arguments are not the way to solve any group assignment issue. When you’re at the verge of shutting out your groupmate because of their attitude, their lack of responsibility, or just something ridiculous they did (or didn’t do), step away from your phone, and breathe. We’re all adults now, conflict should be solved rationally and with minimal anger. It’ll save you so much trouble (that you could face from personally attacking others out of anger).

#6. Whatever you do, don’t plagiarise.


This ones pretty straightforward. Just don’t do it. Really. Don’t. It’s not worth it.

#7.  Check your email


Always check your email at least once a day. Your personal email AND your student email! A lot of things in college are time sensitive and you’d regret missing the deadline. Trust me, this comes from personal experience. 

#8. Allocate time for yourself


Studying is important. Our emotional well-being? Even more important! No matter how tight the schedule is, remember to allocate time for yourself. Staying sane is pretty crucial in college and especially in the current state of the world. It keeps the assignments and any other stress from getting to your head. If anything, you can always contact Taylor’s counsellors.

#9. Prepare for a tsunami of overwhelming feelings


College isn’t all glitz and glamour as pop culture likes to portray it. Sure, there are loads of fun. However, it can all get overwhelming pretty quick. Don’t expect your college journey to be flawless. Mentally prepare yourself for both the good and the bad. I’d strongly recommend healthy coping mechanisms such as de-stressing with your favourite film or getting some physical exercise. Try not to indulge in toxic coping mechanisms and lash out on the people around you.

#10. (Most importantly), be true to yourself


Never settle for less than what you deserve. You’re given a chance to start anew in college, be true to yourself. Throw those bad habits out the door, stop people-pleasing, and compromising just because you don’t want to be the bad guy. Be honest with yourself about how you feel and head out from there. 

Bernice Lee is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Mass Communication (HONS) at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus. She is also a hunter of the creative arts, aiming her arrow at dance, handicraft, fashion and anything that speaks to her soul. 

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