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Whether you are a student, or a parent of a student in preschool, primary school, or secondary school, we want to get to know the amazing educator who’s making an impact in their students’ lives. 

Important Dates

[Closed] Nomination Period
1 April - 22 April 2022

[Closed] Voting Period
2 May - 13 May 2022 

Announcement of Winner
21 May 2022




Great teacher deserves great award. Read the inspiring stories of our real-life unsung heroes on the frontlines of shaping our future. 



#1 Madam Liang Pek Kue, Tadika Little Leader, Perak

"Madam Liang is a kindergarten principal. There are several special children in her center, in addition to the other children.

She learnt about children's psychological development by taking up many courses and reading a lot of books.

Due to the special children, some parents labeled her kindergarten as a special need center. Even though this affected the kindergarten’s reputation and her business but she didn't mind that. She firmly believes that she should help as many children as she can."

By Shu Ping Hock

#2 Mr Mohamad Huszaimi Bin Husin, SMK Tanjong Bunga, Pulau Pinang

"Cikgu Mohamad Huszaimi bin Husin has been an extraordinary teacher since began teaching for students with learning disabilities in SMK Tanjong Bunga since 2012.

He specializes in IT and helps his students specially with conditions such as dyslexia, adhd, autisme, slow learner and down syndrome to be proficient in using computer for their future undertaking which really helps in this day and age.

Cikgu Mi, the name called by the students and fellow teachers is the epitome of hardwork and the strive to learn and simplify all his might to make the class enjoyable and accessible. #anoutstandingteacher"

By Ahmad Shahmil Bin Akhbar Ali

#3 Mr Mohammad Hazeem Bin Azemi, SMK Kuala Krau, Pahang

"Saya sebagai kaunselor merasa aura positif, keikhlasan dan semangat yang luar biasa pada Cikgu Hazeem. Kesungguhan dan kerajinan bukan sahaja di dalam kelas, telah mencetuskan inspirasi di sekolah kami yang merupakan sekolah luar bandar dan mempunyai murid asli.

Beliau berjaya menjadikan seorang murid autisme mewakili Malaysia ke peringkat antarabangsa Global IT Challenge South Korea, merealisasikan impian murid OKU Cerebral Palsy menaiki kapal terbang ke Langkawi, mengangkat martabat murid asli apabila memenangi Pertandingan Video Pendek Peringkat Negeri Pahang, mewujudkan Studio Multimedia pertama di Malaysia untuk murid OKU dan menjalankan program murid OKU ke Hatyai Thailand." 

By Haspura Binti Abu Hanipah

#4 Mr Saifulnizan bin Che Ismail, SK Raja Bahar, Kelantan

"Beliau guru yang sanggup mengorbankan tenaga, masa dan wang ringgit untuk mewujudkan sebuah kelas digital PAK21 (frog classroom) di sekolah ini. Berkat usaha dan keringat beliau, sebuah Digital Maker Hub telah dibina di sekolah ini untuk melahirkan murid yang berdaya cipta dalam inovasi digital dan robotik.

Beliau telah berjaya membawa sekumpulan murid di sekolah ini ke peringkat antarabangsa di Rom, Itali 2019 dan Singapura 2020 untuk membentangkan projek mereka bertemakan “Sustainable Development Goals”.

Slogan beliau 'bring world to the classroom' merupakan pendekatan yang dibawa oleh cikgu Saiful bagi menarik minat untuk murid belajar dalam era IT yang serba maju ini."

By Lutfi Bin Lukman Look

#5 Mr Tan Teng Wai, SJKC Cameron, Pahang

"Mr. Tan is concerned about the educational inequality issues faced by the rural community. The rural students have fewer academic resources, educational opportunities, and poor technology and infrastructure than their metro-area peers.

So, he prepared academic websites and programs to cultivate the talents and performance of students, led students in various contests to develop their skills, and offered educational trips to broaden their horizons.

During the pandemic, he cooperated with non-profit organizations to provide financial aid and laptop for underprivileged students and improve the quality of schoolyards like the classroom, library, and laboratory to assure a comfortable, well-equipped, modern learning environment."

By Tan Zi Yang



#6 Mr Tengku Murad, School of Hospitality,Tourism & Events

"Mr. Tengku Murad has significantly made an impact in my life because he encourage me to participate the FHM2022 and it was my first time to join competition.

Throughout the training, he gave me lots of support and even make me more confident to be a bartender. So, he is not just my trainer but he is also my friend and also a MOTIVATOR.

And because of his patience and guidance, I won a GOLD in FHM2022. I really appreciate and thankful to Mr Murad, without him, I might not join FHM2022 and doesn't had a chance to win GOLD." 

By Agnes Chen Au Wei

#7 Dr Ng Joo Hou (Joshua), School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

"Dr. Joshua is an amazing lecturer … (wait) … beside a lecturer, he is a great buddy (a friend). He teaches us with real life approach, and guide us patiently.

Despite, the university have set an hour of lecture and tutorial, but he will ensure his student understand on the topics prior ending the zoom meeting.

He do open for consultation space outside of office hours, I remembered there were several time, we have chatted about my FYP for about 3-4hours long. In our conversation, he do guide me in my character building, to be a empathetic, caring person."

By Brendon Ban Ren Jie

#8 Ms Marzura Abdul Malek, School of Media & Communication

"I’ve never met a lecturer that cares for me more than Ms. Marzura. She saw a potential in me that I had thought I’d never be capable of. I’m shy. I’ve never done well in ANY public speaking instances, this includes just talking to my friends in public. But Ms. Marzura didn’t think so.

I’m not sure why but one day Ms. took it upon herself to have me emcee an event she was hosting. I remember thinking, there’s no way I’d fit the bill.

Guess I was wrong because here I am emceeing events any chance I get now."

By Chay Hew Thoong

#9 Dr Choo Hui Leng, School of Engineering

"He was the one that interviewed & drafted me into the team of Innovation Engineering Singapore (IES) 2021. As a 3D Printer Hobbyist, that was my first time working with Dr Choo. It was eye opener as a year 1 student. I could see what I am learning in school helps my career through him.

He’s always calm & collected, and feels like a walking Encyclopedia ( that until today makes me want to go do research proactively ) because of extensive journal readings.

We won IES together and i will forever be grateful for it!"

By Ng Yong Pong

#10 Mr Gopinath A/L Sangaran, School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events

"Mr. Gopinath has led our class with humorous in teaching the syllabus. He brings out the concept with examples from real world setting. He does not only talk about what has shown in the power point presentation slides, but also keep questioning whether the content is still true in the situation now.

He also honestly talking about the downsides of hospitality industry, preparing us to understand ourself if hospitality industry is really suitable for us and it is the career we want. His class always brings happiness to us, but gaining new insights at the same time."

By Ng Pooi Yee


Ben Foo

Taylor's University,
Group Chief Marketing Officer

Josephine Tan

Taylor's College, Campus Director

Cikgu Nazmi

SK Luagan, Lawas, Sarawak, RISE Educator Of The Year Award 2021 Recipient


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