Taylor's provides the necessary conducive environment for learning and development, to complement our quality academic programmes. Our campuses provide students with a comprehensive list of features and facilities to cater to our students' learning needs and comfort during their years with us.

New Campus Facilities On The Block

We're enhancing the quality of campus life with smart technology in line with creating a more sustainable environment. Check out our latest additions.

Event Projects Laboratory
A well-equipped space to simulate real-life various event management situations.
Hotel Front Office Rooms
Spaces that provide industry-relevant experience through real-hotel management simulation and usage of the latest guest management systems.
Tourism Innovation Labs
Dedicated classroom spaces where students can experience the latest technologies and systems in tourism management.
Hotel Rooms
Designed to accommodate contemporary hotel standards for the demonstration, training and practice of essential skills for day-to-day hospitality operations and management.
9 Restaurants
3 fine dining restaurants, 3 specialized simulation restaurants, 1 Asian Bistro, 1 lifestyle food bar and 1 multiservice outlet to expose students to the art of service and management of various establishments.
10 Culinary Suites
Each suite is designed to familiarise students with the world of haute cuisine and often hosts prestigious national and international culinary competitions.
Manifestation- The Culinary Bar Theatre
Sixty lecture hall seating with tablet arms, a fully-functioning kitchen and audio-visual conferencing technology that is ideal for live culinary demonstrations and beverage production.
Wine Laboratory
Well equipped with individualised inlaid sinks and lighting for comprehensive wine evaluation.
Audio Recording Studio
Comprises of a studio and a panel control room with high quality acoustic materials and industry-standard software and hardware.
TV Broadcast Studio
Well-equipped with broadcast studio cameras, digital consoles and lighting equipment for studio recording productions on par with international broadcasting industry standards.
Video Editing Laboratory
24 workstations well equipped with the latest versions of Adobe Premier and Final Cut Pro.
Audio Editing Laboratory
18 workstations complete with Apple iMac and Pro-tools editing software for students to acquire the skills and knowledge in audio editing process.
Project Room
Equipped with 16 workstations for students to work on their assignments.
Adventure Arena
A dedicated workspace for students to brainstorm and develop innovative ideas through guided techniques taught by experienced lecturers.
A real workstation created specifically for Journalism students to experience the working environment in a news media organisation.
Propassion Consultation Suite
Designed for students to experience the real life challenge of a Public Relations consultancy.
Master of Architecture Studio
Fully-equipped for Master students to conduct their projects.
Moot Court
A replica of the courtroom, designed to simulate court environment and procedures to provide a more realistic experience for students.
Advanced Simulations Laboratory
Equipped with state-of-the-art computers and software for advanced simulation to predict and improve engineering systems behaviour.
Automation & Robotics Laboratory
For the production of robotic and automation solutions.
Communication Control Laboratory
Enhances students' understanding of the principles behind building wireless communication systems and various automatic control systems.
Energy & Fluids Laboratory
Facilitates understanding of different phenomena associated with fluids and energy.
Innovation & Prototyping Laboratory
One-stop station for students to turn design ideas into real products.
Manufacturing Workshop
Equipped with all the necessary machinery required to manufacture metal artefacts.
Material & Solids Laboratory
Designed to perform experiments and research different aspects and properties of solid materials.
Processes & Reactions Laboratory
Facilitates the study of various chemical processes and reactions in relation to industries such as oil and gas, food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics.
Research Laboratory
Supports the research-led teaching activities of the school, and provides space for final year students to carry out their research.
Unit Operations Laboratory
Perform unit operation experiments for various industrial applications.
3D Modelling and Product Design Studio
Various sizes of 13 3-D printers and laser cutter machines available for coursework and research purposes.
Carpentry Workshop
Lets students visualise and translate their ideas from concept into reality.
Photography Studio
Fully equipped with a range of lamps, diffusors, reflectors and a variety of backdrop materials.
Design Mac Labs
Experience the latest industry standard design software and hardware.
Drawing Rooms
Easel stands and drawing tables available for students to learn the use of a variety of media and materials.
Multimedia Lab
A space for students to work on their 3-dimensional (3D) and animation projects.
Printmaking Room
Provides hands-on exposure to the printmaking processes.
Design Studio
A space for students to produce, refine and assemble their designs.
A dedicated space for students' art exhibition and a gallery for invited international artists to display their artwork.
3D Printers
Industry grade 3D Printers for rapid prototyping of design concepts and 3D visualisations.
Anatomy Lab
Master basic knowledge on human anatomy and physiology through relevant hands-on experiences.
Anatomy and Pathology Lab
Get hands-on approach with real anatomy and gross pathological specimens.
Clinical Skills Suite
Standardised patients and computerised human models to practice basic clinical skills.
Multidisciplinary Lab
A state-of-the-art facility designed for a holistic practical experience.
Aseptic Suite
Designed according to stringent international standards of the industry.
Pharmaceutics Lab
A lab with modern machinery and equipments designed to teach product and process development.
Pharmaceutical & Analysis Lab
Provides routine chemical and biological sample analysis and opportunities for collaborative research in chemical analysis.
Dispensary Facility
Built, designed and fitted to the specification of an active community pharmacy for use in all aspects of practice.
Proteomics and Genomics Facility
Allows students to learn the biological processes at a molecular level.
Tissue Culture & Bio-imaging Facility
Houses the biohazard laminar flow, incubator for the maintenance of human cell lines and advanced microscopy equipment for imaging of cell morphology.
Sensory Laboratory
Furnished with a preparation area, cooking facilities and an evaluation area with 5 individual booths equipped with web-based sensory and consumer research software.
Microbiology Laboratory
Supports research in food safety, infectious diseases and drug discovery.
Food Analysis Facility
Allows the investigation of food chemistry and its physical property.
Chemical Analysis Facility
Provides routine chemical and biological sample analysis through a variety of techniques.
Food Processing Laboratory
Learn practical application of theoretical concepts in the beverage, bakery and meat processing lines.
Plant Tissue Culture Lab
Perform plant in vitro related work such as micropropagation, organogenesis, callus, protoplast related work as well as somatic embryogenesis.
Bloomberg Terminals
To ensure effective authentic learning activities, we subscribe to 12 Bloomberg terminals which allow students to download financial and non-financial data, ratios and results of local and international companies for learning.
Lecture Theatres
Lectures and events are conducted in the 300-seater hall.
Experimental Theatre
Equipped with stage, hi-tech acoustics and lighting systems. Seats surround the stage, providing a 360 degree view of performance.
The Grand Hall
1000-seater hall designed for campus events as well as sports activities.
Consultative / Learning Pods
Discussions are an important part of learning. Open booths are readily available to provide students with space for healthy debates or simply to share knowledge and ideas.
Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) are brief, instructor-guided video content that act as an alternative learning resource for students.
At Taylor's, we don't believe in all work and no play. That's why we have an on-campus gym. Free weights, cardiovascular machines, barbells and weight machines are among the many equipment you can find here for both cardiovascular and strength training.
Sports and Recreation Centre
Ready to move and get a game going? Multi-purpose courts are available at the Sports and Recreation Centre for various kinds of sports which include futsal, netball, volleyball, basketball, cricket nets, tennis and dodgeball.
Our on-campus residence is a 6-storey building that houses 888 beds, spread across 128 apartments and 114 standalone en-suite units, all furnished with beds, mattresses, wardrobes, study tables and chairs. For added convenience, it is also conveniently located above Syopz, a retail mall that offers a variety of eateries, banking and health facilities and more.
For students who are feeling unwell or injured, there is also an allocated rest area for them on campus.
Study spaces
For the ease and convenience of students, a number of study spaces are available all around the campus. Be it for discussion or silent studying, there are spaces designated for these specific purposes. Some of these spaces can be accessed for up to 24 hours during examination period.
Commercial block (Syopz)
Features a unique blend of retail and F&B outlets. Perfect for work and play.
Places of worship
Being located within a multiracial community definitely has its benefits. You'll be able to find many different places of worship located nearby the campus.
Medical Facilities
A host of health centres and medical services are available near the campus.
Public Transportation
Looking for a way to get to our campus without driving? You'll be pleased to find that Taylor's is easily accessible via bus, train, taxi and Grab!
Student Safety & Security
The safety of our students matter. Aside from campus security, there are also a number of police stations available within the vicinity of the campus.
Banking & ATM services
Banking facilities are readily available on campus for your convenience. These include a Maybank branch as well as CIMB and RHB ATM kiosks.
Taylor's Legal Aid Centre
A community service space operates by TLS's faculty members & students to provide free legal advice to people who cannot afford to pay legal fees. This is because we believe no one should be deprived of access to justice because of their financial status. For appointment booking, please email: