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At Taylor’s, we recognise your potential as it strengthens. You’re eligible for the Distinction Award with just your SPM mid-term/trial exam results. If your actual exam results are better, you can upgrade your award to a higher financial value. We’ve also simplified the application process to make it fast and fuss-free.

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Open to all 2021 SPM mid-term/ trial results.


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Open to all 2021 SPM mid-term/ trial results


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  1. Award listed is for 2022 intakes and is subject to availability on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. For the current 2021 examination, SPM mid-term/trial results only will be considered.
  3. All 2022 awards are applicable for: i) studies at Taylor’s College/Taylor’s University, Malaysia only; ii) full time registering students at Taylor's College/Taylor’s University, Malaysia; iii) the programme and intake offered in the letter of offer only; and iv) does not include period of study at overseas partner universities (except for Global Mobility Programme).
  4. Applicants should be certain on their preferred intake during the point of award application. Should the applicants defer or change to a different intake of the same year or different year, the application will be voided.
  5. Application deadlines may be revised at the sole discretion of Taylor’s College/Taylor’s University.
  6. Recipients of the award are required to enroll into the earliest intake applicable. Any request for exceptions shall be directed to the Scholarships Management. All outcomes on such requests are final and are under the jurisdiction of the Scholarships Management.
  7. The award is a tuition fee waiver; it is not exchangeable for cash, is non-transferable and non-refundable and the manner in which the awarded amount is disbursed will be decided by the Scholarships Management.
  8. In the event where the award amount awarded is more than the fee payable of the year, recipients will be awarded up to the maximum tuition fees payable of the year only, no cashback will be given and will not be transferrable to other type of fees.
  9. Recipients are expected to provide any document(s) as requested to the Scholarships Management to facilitate processing of award upon entry to Taylor’s College/Taylor’s University, failure to do so will result in the award being revoked and award utilised thus far to be nullified and difference to be paid by the recipients.
  10. All SPM subjects are taken into consideration except for 1119 (GCE-O) and Principles of Accounting Dual Certification (LCCI).
  11. Award is applicable for all Malaysian students that hold academic results from any institution in Malaysia or from overseas institution with SPM qualifications only and Taylor’s Education Group (TEG) progression students only.
  12. The award only covers the tuition fees and for avoidance of doubt does not cover fees such as the International Student Annual Fee, EMGS Visa Application Fee, International Student Charge Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance Fee, EMGS Renewal Fee or any other Visa-related Fee.
  13. If SPM mid-term/trial results are used in the application, the actual results must meet the minimum course entry requirements as stipulated by Taylor's College/Taylor’s University and a copy must be furnished to Taylor's College/Taylor’s University as soon as the results are out. Upon actual results being released, in the event the recipient fails to meet the minimum course entry requirements, the recipient is required to leave the programme and the award offer will be automatically revoked.
  14. Applicants are only allowed to use SPM mid-term/trial results to apply for the award, but the award is conditional upon meeting the minimum course entry requirements or the conditions attached to the letter of offer.
  15. Recipients shall inform the Scholarships Management of any other scholarships or sponsorship currently held, or awarded at a later date. Recipients are entitled to ONE (1) type of scholarship/bursary/award/waiver/discount at any one-time including sponsorship from other institutions/bodies. The one with the highest quantum will automatically apply.
  16. If the award offer is not accepted by the given deadline in the letter of offer, it will be automatically withdrawn and voided.
  17. An upgrade to a higher offer within the Distinction Award is allowed if re-application is made during the 2022 Distinction Award active period, while upgrading to any other 2022 award/bursary/scholarship will be allowed subsequently until the respective deadline. Upon receival of a higher quantum, the former will be voided.
  18. Should recipients defer to 2023 or later intakes, the award shall be revoked.
  19. Recipients shall seek permission and obtain consent from the Scholarships Management before making any changes to their programme of study – this includes course transfers, changing the course title, suspending studies, etc. Please note that approval is not guaranteed. Where changes are made without prior approval, the award will be withdrawn, and you may be required to repay the award in full.
  20. Non-payment of fees may result in the award being withdrawn and full fees being charged to you.
  21. An award offer is valid in the standard duration of the stipulated course and for the standard credit hours and is non- transferable at Taylor's College/Taylor’s University. No extensions are allowed, unless with written permission from the Scholarships Management.
  22. The award ONLY covers subjects enrolled for the first time (first attempt) in the letter of offer,  if recipients retake a module or repeat a subject, it will not be covered.
  23. Recipients are encouraged to maintain a satisfactory academic result throughout the duration of their study.
  24. Recipients are required to pay a non-refundable RM650 enrollment/processing fee to secure the offer.
  25. By accepting this offer, recipients understand and accept the responsibility of being an exemplary student ambassador for Taylor's College/Taylor’s University. They must recognise that their behaviour and general conduct must, at all times, be above reproach, comply with all existing rules, regulations, requirements and policies of Taylor's College/Taylor’s University.  They should not be involved, engaged in or participate in any political, illegal or unlawful activity as recipients of the award whether within or outside the College/University premises.
  26. Upon accepting this award, recipients are deemed to have accepted all terms and conditions stipulated in this letter.
  27. Recipients shall join the academic course at the given start date and before the registration deadline.
  28. Recipients also agree to indemnify and hold Taylor's College/Taylor’s University harmless of and from any and all demands, claims, liabilities or actions of any kind whatsoever during their period of study at Taylor's College/Taylor’s University.
  29. In the event the recipient withdraw from the programme, is suspended or terminated by Taylor's College/Taylor’s University at any point of time, before the completion of the programme, the award shall be automatically terminated. However, should the recipient withdraw from the programme due to medical reasons, his/her award may be retained, subject to the absolute discretion of the Scholarships Management.
  30. Taylor's College/Taylor’s University, will be entitled to terminate the award at any time, by immediate notice to you in writing, in the event of: i) misconduct, whether in connection with your study or otherwise; ii) failure to make such progress in your study as is considered satisfactory; iii) circumstances, such as illness, arising which, with your college’s agreement, would render it impossible for you to complete your award satisfactorily or prevent the purpose of the award from being fulfilled; iv) dismissal, for any reason, from your host college (if on student exchange programme); v) breach of any local Malaysian law and practices; vi) conviction of bribery, in line with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Act, the current award will be rescinded, and you will be banned from applying for any Taylor’s financial aids and discounts for a period of up to five years; vii) failure to comply with the conditions of your visa (if international student); and viii) the discovery that you have submitted fraudulent documentation.
  31. In the event of such termination, Taylor's College/Taylor’s University shall have no further obligation to you, and you shall be bound to repay the amount that has been paid/waived to you under the award, unless: i) the termination is a result of your ill health, and this has been certified by a registered medical practitioner; and ii) Taylor's College/Taylor’s University has exercised its discretion to exempt you from this condition.
  32. Any breach of your award condition is treated seriously and if you think you have breached a condition, you should contact your programme officer immediately to discuss your situation. We would urge you to take prompt action to resolve any misunderstanding that may arise as a result of a breach, accidental or otherwise.
  33. All awards offered by Taylor's College/Taylor's University to any recipients are at the absolute discretion of Taylor's College/Taylor’s University. All documents must be received by the stipulated deadlines. Late submissions will not be considered.
  34. Taylor's College/Taylor’s University reserves the right to rescind the offer if documents contain false information. This includes applications without required attachments.
  35. All decisions made by Taylor's College/Taylor’s University are final and no further appeals shall be entertained.
  36. Recipients agree to act in an ambassadorial capacity, to provide student profiles or testimonials, interviews, advertisement, photography or any other publicity related activities if requested, and to attend award or recruitment events as required for Taylor's College/Taylor’s University.
  37. Taylor's College/Taylor’s University has a range of social media platforms for scholars and alumni to interact with. We look forward to receiving your comments and participation in discussions, and we encourage open, lively debate. However, we do ask that our scholars, fellows, and alumni adhere to certain good practices and conventions of polite and constructive discourse.
  38. Recipients agree to Taylor's College/Taylor’s University contacting you during the period approximately two years after your graduation for an update on how the award has influenced your career.
  39. The terms and conditions of the award may be modified and amended from time to time as deemed appropriate by Taylor's College/Taylor’s University and the current version can be found on the Taylor's College/Taylor’s University website.