Reward yourself with a financial offer that grows with you

At Taylor’s, we recognise your potential as it strengthens. You’re eligible for the Distinction Award with just your trial or forecast exam results. If your actual exam results are better, you can upgrade your award to a higher financial value. We’ve also simplified the application process to make it fast and fuss-free.

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Open to all 2020 SPM trial or IGCSE forecast/actual results



Thank you for your interest. Due to the tremendous response, our Excellence Award is now open for application. 


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  1. Awards are subject to availability on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  2. Application deadlines may be revised at the sole discretion of Taylor's University/Taylor's College. 

  3. Applicable to all Malaysian and International applicants in possession of academic results from any institution in Malaysia.

  4. For current 2020 Examination, forecast, trial and actual results will be considered.

  5. For past year SPM & IGCSE leaver(s), offer of award will only be considered when Taylor's University/Taylor's College receives the actual result. 

  6. Only SPM, IGCSE and equivalent examination subjects will be taken into consideration with the exclusion of 1119 (GCE-O) and SPM Principles of Accounting Dual Certification (LCCI).

  7. Award offered is applicable to 2021 intakes only.

  8. For past year SPM & IGCSE leaver(s), offer of award will only be considered for the earliest available intake.

  9. Recipients are required to enroll into the earliest intake applicable. Any request for exceptions shall be directed to Scholarships Management. All outcome on such requests are final and are under the jurisdiction Taylor's Scholarships Management. 

  10. All 2021 scholarships/ bursary/ awards are applicable for studies at Taylor's University/Taylor's College in Malaysia only and are not applicable for the period of study at overseas partner institutions.

  11. The award is a tuition fee waiver; and is not exchangeable for cash, is non-transferable and non-refundable.

  12. The award does not cover fees such as the International Student Annual Fee, EMGS Visa Application Fee, International Student Charge Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance Fee, EMGS Renewal Fee or any other Visa-related Fee.

  13. If forecast/trial results are used in the application, the actual results must meet the minimum course entry requirements as stipulated by Taylor’s University/Taylor's College. In the event the applicant fails to meet the minimum course entry requirements, they will be required to leave the programme & this offer will be revoked.

  14. Students are entitled to only ONE type of bursary/scholarship/waiver/discount at any one time which includes any sponsorship gained from other institutions / bodies. The one with the highest quantum will automatically apply. 

  15. Upgrade to a higher offer within Distinction Award is allowed if it is during 2021 Distinction Award active period, while upgrading to any other 2021 award/bursary/scholarship will be allowed subsequently until the cut-off date. Upon receival of a higher quantum, the former will be voided.

  16. This offer is valid until the stipulated date of validity outlined in the offer letter and failure to accept the offer within the stipulated timeline will void the offer hereafter. 

  17. A scholarship offer is valid for the duration of the stipulated course and is non-transferable unless with written permission from Taylor’s Scholarship Management. 

  18. By accepting this offer, the recipient understands and accepts the responsibility of being an exemplary student ambassador for Taylor's University/Taylor's College. They must recognise that their behaviour and general conduct must, at all times, be above reproach, comply with all existing rules, regulations, requirements and policies of Taylor's University/Taylor's College. They should not be involved, engaged in or participate in any political, illegal or unlawful activity as a recipient of the scholarship.

  19. Upon accepting this scholarship, the recipient is deemed to have accepted all terms and conditions stipulated in this letter. The recipient also agrees to indemnify and hold Taylor’s University/Taylor's College harmless of and from any and all demands, claims, liabilities or actions of any kind whatsoever.

  20. All awards offered by Taylor’s University/Taylor’s College to any students are at the absolute discretion of Taylor’s University/Taylor’s College and no further appeals shall be entertained. 

  21. Taylor’s University/Taylor’s College reserves the right to reject incomplete/incorrect application forms. 

  22. The terms and conditions of scholarships may be modified and amended from time to time as deemed appropriate by Taylor's University/Taylor's College.

  23. Taylor’s University/Taylor’s College reserve the right to amend or cancel this award at any time.

  24. Recipients would be required to pay a non-refundable RM650 enrollment/processing fee to secure the offer.