Bill Payment via Standard Chartered Internet Banking 


Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Payee Registration (one-off, first time users only)

Login into Standard Chartered online login page. Select "Payment & Transfer"

  1. Select "Dashboard".
  2. Click "Pay /Pay Bills"
  3. Click "Add a new Bill Payment Payee". Select "Taylor's Malaysia Sdn Bhd". 
  4. Insert details as per sample below:  
    • Bill account number: Tuition Fees
    • Short name: Student name
    • Channel usage: Internet Banking ONLY
    • Student Name: Student name
    • Student ID: 0312345
    • Student Contact No: 0121234567
    • Student IC/Passport: 900101-10-1234
  5. Enter OTP (6 DIGIT number). Click "Confirm New Payee Details".
  6. The screen will prompt "Payee Has Been Successfully Added".
  7. Another SMS will be sent to your registered mobile as a post notification that you have added a bill payment payee on Internet Banking.


Step 2: To make payment
  1. Return to "Pay/ Pay Bills".
  2. From registered payee list, Select "Taylor's Malaysia Sdn Bhd" to "Pay a Bill".
  3. Select account option. Insert amount and description. (Example: Tuition Fee Semester 1)
  4. Click "Next". Review all details and click "Confirm"
  5. An acknowledgement "The payment has been submitted for processing successfully" and a receipt number will be displayed for your reference.