Since 1969, Taylor's College Lakeside Campus has established itself as the Best Pre-University in Malaysia, in academic excellence and track records for placing students into top universities of their choice. Taylor's College offers several programmes, including Cambridge A Level, South Australian Certifcate of Education International, Foundation, Diploma and Professional programmes.

Taylor's College Lakeside Campus is a member of the Taylor’s Education Group, which also comprises of Taylor’s University, Garden International School, Australian International School Malaysia, Nexus International School Putrajaya, Nexus International School Singapore and Taylor's International School.


Taylor's College Lakeside Campus was founded in 1969 by a team of educators to offer the Victorian High School Certificate (VHSC), the first Pre-University programme to secondary school graduates in Malaysia.

  • 1969 – Founded to offer the Victorian High School Certificate (VHSC), the first Pre-University programme, to secondary school graduates in Malaysia
  • 1982 – Pioneered the South Australian Matriculation (now SACE International) programme in Malaysia
  • 1991 – Established Cambridge A Levels programme in Malaysia
  • 2004 – First to be awarded the prestigious International Fellowship Centre status in Malaysia by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)
  • 2014 – Taylor's College Lakeside Campus integrates new learning approaches and skills-based methodology into the delivery of the pre-university programmes to guide students towards success in life
  • 2018 – Taylor's College Lakeside Campus in moving to the world-class Taylor's University Lakeside Campus in 2018 to provide our students with the best learning experience possible


The core purpose of Taylor's College Lakeside Campus is to educate the youth of the world to take their productive place as leaders in the global community.

Taylor’s develops and implements a strong approach to equip students with tools, inspirations and motivations to acquire LEARNING skills, LIFE skills and LEADERSHIP skills to be a productive leader who gives back to the society. 


“To provide an outstanding learning experience”

Every year, Taylor's College Lakeside Campus places more than 1,000 students into the Top 200 universities in the world. As the gateway to the most prestigious and amazing universities around the world including Cambridge, Harvard, Oxford and Yale, Taylor's College Lakeside Campus encourages student to start right and succeed in university.


Testimonials of students who have started right.

Curiosity built the foundation of Entrepreneurship!

“Taylor’s College helped me understand and embrace curiosity at an early age; I was encouraged to question, explore and discover. It built my confidence in leading projects, I always wanted to learn more, do more, see more and ultimately achieve more.”

Joel Neoh, Head of Groupon Asia Pacific, Groupon APAC

SACE International, Class of 2001

Beauty with a Cause

“When I think of my time at Taylor’s College, I remember the holistic experience gained; with fun and effective lecturers, interesting courses offered and the skills I gained; the ability to articulate, see things from a different perspective and having an opinion. Regardless of what I do or whom I meet, these skills have enabled me to find success in all areas of life.”

Deborah Priya Henry, Co-founder of Fugee School & Miss Universe Malaysia 2011

Canadian Pre-University, Class of 2011

The Holistic Education Experience

“Education, Excellence and Experience the 3E’s that summed up my experience at Taylor’s College. Serving as a teacher in a high-need rural school, I strive every day to make my history classes engaging and interesting for my students; most importantly I try to instill the same values that Taylor’s taught me: hard work, self-belief, determination, dedication, and the importance of education as a tool for life’s enrichment.”

Wan Farihah Ahmad Fahmy, Teach For Malaysia 2013 Fellow, Ministry of Education

SACE International, Class of 2008

Mirroring Success

“Connecting young and dynamic individuals who think alike; creating new ideas that will turn KL into one of the world’s top start-up hubs in 10 years – a similar model I used in Taylor’s College in 1994.”

Vishen Lakiani, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Founder & CEO of Mindvalley

Cambridge A Level, Class of 1994

Building One Dream at a Time

“Taylor’s College helped me understand that learning was beyond books and academic success. I learned that a huge part of effective communication is to understand your audience and at Taylor’s College I have developed a sense of empathy and adaptability towards other cultures which enhanced my communication and presentation skills. Taylor’s College made me realize my leadership potential.”

John-Son Oei, Founder & CEO of EPIC Collaborative

Canadian Pre-University, Class of 2006

The Sweet Recipe to Success

“When I enrolled in Taylor’s College , I did not fully comprehend what I wanted to study at my tertiary level of education; however once I completed my Pre-U, I understood what I wanted and I also understood how I was going to get there. The short duration at Taylor’s College gave me a head start to develop my social skills and increased my aspirations to discover more in the world.”

Huen Su Yin, Founder & Director of Delectable by Su & Delectable Treats

SACE International, Class of 2003

The Master of All Trades

“The one year I spent in Taylor’s College is still recounted with fondness. Looking back in time, the analytical thought process and experience I gained was extremely valuable; it gave me the edge to build and efficiently run and own an array of companies today that provides creative, technology, event and visual services to many of the top brands in Malaysia.”

Alex Lam, Founder & Group Managing Director of Integricity Group

SACE International, Class of 2001

Committed to Excellence

“It was under the encouraging environment at Taylor’s College that I developed a non-yielding commitment for excellence, which I believe served as a foundation for all my life achievements thereafter. Life has turned out to be a remarkable journey for me, and I have no doubt it all began at Taylor’s College.”

Yan Yan Yeap, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Northeastern University, USA

SACE International, Class of 2002