Students' accommodations are well furnished, ranging from low-rise condominiums and landed houses for a comfortable lifestyle.

This close-knit community campus is well-equipped with facilities such as an e-library which provides limitless access to over 28,000 resources for students as it is accessible from anywhere and anytime. Also, the campus provides a conducive learning environment with creative study areas for better learning experience and productivity.

Accommodation Of Your Choice

There are a few different types of accommodation within the campus’ area; each being fairly close and a safe walking distance to college. What’s your pick?

Student House
  • Lease from landlord/agents.
  • Get the option of moving into an established share house.
  • Or set up with friends or acquaintances.
  • Lease  : 1 year
  • Cooking  : Yes
  • Furnish  : Yes
  • Rental  : RM700 and above
  • Utility  : Most of the utility charges are included in the rental charges except for air-con, where separated meter will be attach to the air-con. You only pay for the extra charges on the air-con usage.
  • Availability : Taylor's College Subang Jaya & Taylor's College Sri Hartamas
  • Lease from landlord or agents.
  • Different style of apartment and can be quite modern.
  • From studio room to 3 bedrooms.
  • Lease  : 1 year
  • Cooking  : No
  • Furnish  : Yes
  • Rental  : RM800 and above
  • Utility  : No
  • Availability : Only in Taylor’s College Subang Jaya and Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas